The Vampire Diaries Picture Gallery: "Our Town"

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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Caroline, happy birthday... oh, whoops. Sorry.

Yes, Caroline Forbes returns to The Vampire Diaries next Thursday night on the episode "Our Town" and, yes, the beloved character turns 18 -- but, no, she won't be in any mood to celebrate.

As a result, look for friends Elena and Bonnie to plan a party in an unusual location, while, elsewhere on the episode, Tyler disobeys an order from Klaus and Stefan threatens his main nemesis. View the official CW trailer now and then click through the following photos from the upcoming installment:

Turning 18!
Our Favorite Bromance
Matt in the Woods
A Drink for Damon
Tyler vs. Klaus
Damon and the Sheriff
Bonnie in Charge
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I understand perfectly that people will want Elena with the Salvatore brother that they are into, but I don't think it is about that. It is about how the show is evolving. Sure, they can have Elena end up with Stefan and it will be a "he was always the one" kind of thing, but where does that leave Damon? Its easy to say you don't care if you are not a Delena fan, but Damon is the one who will not have any resolve or closure if he ends up alone. Stefan is a good guy. He would be able to end up without Elena and know that she is safe and happy with Damon. The story would not be complete if Stefan "won" and Damon was left pining after her LOVELESS for all eternity, which is what he would do. Stefan is a stand up guy and he would walk away if he knew that Elena was safe and happy. Also, his brother's happiness ranks pretty high on the scales. She used to love Stefan and now she loves them both. Obviously there is no more "it will always be Stefan".

David and sabrina 2014

The next episode will seem to get even more mysterious and insane. It seems oh wow and surprising that it's Caroline's birthday but the events will make things go bad. I mostly want to see what'll happen and I can't wait for more upcoming episodes. XD =) =O =P


@Stefelena: I think what people are saying is they want Delena and not Stelena. Your outnumbered atleast 2 to1, probably 3 to 1.....I'm being general here and looking at the big picture. It will be dicey for the powers that be to make it 50-50 consistently with that kind of ratio. Delena hasn't even really started yet...Look I'm just the messenger, I personally don't care for either pairing but


CLOSURE right?Well that's unfortunate coz this is a love triangle,elena will always be torn between the brothers,both nina and julie said stelena is going to have a heart breaking scene,stefan was trying to turn elena into a vampire,he was even saying destroying klaus is all he has left and elena said "you had me stefan",anyway let just wait and see what will happen.Btw stelena is not over,its just starting,this is just a chapter of there love story,the writers will find a way to bring them back together no matter how much they tear them apart coz isn't it the same thing that happened with delena when damon broke jeremy's neck,alot of people believe that their is no way on earth delena can work,but some believe that since it's a love triangle the writers will definately find a way to get them together and what happens now?Isn't working...


I agree with most, especially "Lauren"! Well said


I hope the stelena scene is closure, I'm done with them. Some characters are better apart


The scene with Stefan and Elena better not be any closure with them but him apologizing to her about how he treated her last week and her forgivinig him and realizing what a fool she has been for doubting him even for a second, now that she knows the truth about why he saved Klaus.
How can Elena even think for a second of being with Damon? Isn't he the one that tried to kill her brother Jeremy on the 1st episode of season 2 because she said "It will always be Stefan"?


i will definetely miss jeremy :(


Yea I'm hopin the stelena scene is closure too. I just find them first love, not final, end all love. Delena is that


So ready for this epi but its sad that CareBear is sad :(. Oh and I agree with the last two posts. I wouldn't care if this was the last Stef/Elena scene ever. They get no emotion outta me

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Those hybrids. They're really bringing the neighborhood down.


Relax, brother. You want your hair to fall out?