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Elijah should really upset Klaus by inviting him to his wedding Elena. Speaking of which, can't wait to see Elena's reaction to her favourite Original's return, after all he did make her go through the whole ridiculous 'sacrifice' and didn't even keep his word to her, (forget them eloping then). He deserves a clip round the ear from his favourite doppelganger (if he doesn't break her arm first) BTW nice haircut.


I agree with "Annie" and the episode was pretty bad by TVD standards. Everywhere and Tyler should want to break free for himself not anyone else and I like Forwood. I also prefer the slightly bad Stefan, much better then the puppy dog follower....he's my fave without Elena and she is better with Damon


The best thing about this show was Elijah being back and Tyler trying to stop his sire bond.


I love the fact that Elijah is back! And that it seems that Stefan is also coming back. I feel that TVD is in the right track now. I love E.


Q1: Elijah's comeback of course! When i saw the dagger in Damon's hand his return was kind of expectable but he still nailed that scene!
Q2:Yeah...kind of... He sacrificed everything (he even denyed his humanity) in order to save his brother and protect his girl...He must feel kind of betrayed and like he has noone left by his side.( Damn! And i don't even like Stephen)
Q3: Alaric for sure! Mer screams psycho bitch from miles away...
Q4: Certainly not the last! I liked badass Stephen... Now he'll go all softy again!
Q5: I think it was the most stupid thing Stephen ever said! Who cares if she's better or not! When you fall in love with sb it's his imperfections that you MUST adore the most.
Q6: I don't know.Only when Tyler gives birth we'll know for sure!


Eric! I love you for standing up for Damon! He's been the true hero this season, though some don't recognize it. People always bring up Damon's awful past, but think about Stefan's past. It may be offscreen, but he mangled and killed people. FOR FUN. People seem to forget that. And Damon is so wonderful because of his depth and character evolvement - and that fact that he's reckless and impulsive and snarky but ultimately driven by love.
Not because he's hot, everyone. Sheesh. Everyone on the show is hot.


Men... you have no idea how painful childbirth is! im sure any woman out there would gladly swap childbirth for an easy break all your bones werewolf transformation.


Just to say one little thing about Tyler. I am not against Forwood at all but I think it's bad that the writers are presenting it as he's going it for Caroline or at least that everyone think he does. I mean, he should do it because he wants to be free from Klaus, not (only) because of Caroline...
But, apart from that: Elijah's back!! YYEEAHHH!!


Damon is not a good guy. Or a bad guy. Stefan is not a good guy. Or a bad guy. Elena, according to the writers, is an angel.

There is such thing as multi-dementional characters, which Stefan and Damon were created to be. Vampires can NOT be completely good, however there's no saying they can't be completely bad.


I love how easily it is for people to forget the bad that Damon did at the beginning of the series. They now think he is all high and mighty. Do I think damon has changed for the better? Yes. Should you automatically forget about all the people he killed at the beginning of the series just because he has "Changed"? NOOOOO!

Elena, Stefan, and Damon, along with everyone else in their world, are ON THE SAME LEVEL!!! Nobody is better than the other. Every single one of them has their faults.

Get over your infatuation of Damon just because he is hot and look at the character. The layers that involve his character. There is good and bad with in him just like everyone else. It does not make him better than Elena, it might make he a better bad ass, but not a better person all around.

ps not a Damon hater. Just a hater for people who over look everything bec a person is "hot"

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