The Vampire Diaries Teaser #2: A Secret Revealed

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Are you ready for clue number-two, Vampire Diaries fans?

As previously detailed, I was fortunate enough to watch the winter premiere, "The New Deal," over the weekend. Leading up to Thursday's airing of the episode, I'll be posting one tease per day related to events from the terrific installment, the first of which had to do with a character departing Mystic Falls for an undetermined amount of time.

Now, on to the next spoiler...

Bromance at the Bar

A major secret will be revealed.

By whom? To whom? You'll need to tune in and find out. But I can say that it changes one character's outlook and plays a role in the final scene of the episode.

Once again, let the guessing games - and the countdown to the return of TVD - begin!

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I Think that Elena might tell Damon she loves him ( her secret to him ) but prob not


So what do you call it when someone forces you to have sex against your own will? As I said before Caroline tried to escape and Damon forced her to stay by compelling her. Remember vampires sexual drive is hightened. So to think that they never had sex again is just plain silly. I think he should apologize to the people Elena cares about! It would actually show his growth as a person. Take for instance the double standard with Tyler & Vicki. Eveybody called Tyler a rapist for trying to get into Vickis pants when he didn't. But Tyler had the curse which has been said by writers that made him more aggressive and hot tempered. But Tyler felt remorseful how he treated Vicki & admitted he wish he treated her better. But a lot fans couldn't forgive a remorseful Tyler. So why should we forgive Damon who wasn't remorseful for 90% of the things he done. The 10% goes to Alaric & Elena!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

And it is IN everyone's character to let it go? Yes that is very realistic indeed. The problem is not just "Damon not repenting" the problem is THE SHOW writing it as if he has nothing to repent for. Same with Stefan who went from "someone repentant for something he did" of S1 to "someone who did nothing bad and cares a lot and broods for no reason". Damon is a serial rapist and has tendencies of domestic abuse and women mistreatment. Show refuses to acknowledge that and whitewashes it. THATS the problem. Same with Steffie. Thus making both focal points of this show - the triangle of doom, utterly yuck worthy. :)


I am not defending all of Damon's actions. He isn't a good guy. He's evil, he was terrible to Caroline in Season 1 and has done awful things to a lot of people. There is absolutely no denying that. I'm saying that you and Bored Now calling him a rapist is a little extreme. And also calling for Damon to repent for all his sins is silly. It's not in his character.


I'am not all high mighty buddy and the show never said they had sex one time! But I've never did the things that Damon has done! So maybe I'am Morally pure! Compared to Damon you can say I'm freaking saint. Lol my god people would be in prison on death row for some of things he's done. A lot of characters would be in prison. But right now were talking about how your defending his actions. I don't know if you have a career yet. But maybe you should become a defense lawyer and defend people that have committed such crimes.


I'm not saying that I think they only had sex one time. I'm just saying the show only acknowledges one time. Yes there is still tension, but they continue work with Damon because although he isn't always such a good person, he is good to have on your side against someone like Klaus. I'm sorry if I have offended you, since you are obviously so high and mighty and morally pure.


It's amazing to that you actually think Damon had sex with Caroline or Andie one time! I can't believe some people are defending his actions! This maybe a TV show but abuse and rape still happen in real life and to defend Damon who forced Caroline and Andie to stay against there own will is unexceptable. You should be ashamed of yourselves for defending such things! I do not believe that the characters are forgiving of Damon. You can tell there's still a lot of tension between him with Bonnie and Caroline. I'm sorry to be forgiven you have to ask for forgiveness. It should never be assumed!


And if you want to continue to watch for Caroline, good for you. Just try not to completely rip apart the rest of the show. I love Caroline, she is my favorite character as well, but I still enjoy others and don't really enjoy reading the type of comments you have been posting. It takes the fun out of sites like this. Maybe filter yourself a little or something. Be more considerate of the other viewers. Just a thought.


@Bored Now. I'm not an idiot, naive little girl. I obviously know that sex happens, but there is absolutely nothing in the show that says that they for sure continued to have sex. Which I am sure was done on purpose because the writers knew that people like you would start crying RAPE! I'm not excusing rape, really my whole point is that it is an inappropriate subject to bring up. It is just too loaded a topic and we could argue both sides of it all day long. There is really just no proof that anything besides feeding was happening. Besides, I don't know how much you know about Vampire lore, but on most shows and in book Vampires get just as much sexual release from feeding on a beautiful woman as actually having sex. So your snarkly little dig at me could actually be true.


@Borednow...Dwarves compared to vampires? Really? Vampires are evil by nature. In every movie, tv show, book, anything with Vampires they are EVIL. And the humans, and other characters have acknowledged that Damon is not a good guy but they have forgiven him. Damon may not have come out and said "sorry" to each and every person he has wronged, but he has made up for it in his own way. You need to get over it, like most of the characters have.

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