The Vampire Diaries Teaser #2: A Secret Revealed

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Are you ready for clue number-two, Vampire Diaries fans?

As previously detailed, I was fortunate enough to watch the winter premiere, "The New Deal," over the weekend. Leading up to Thursday's airing of the episode, I'll be posting one tease per day related to events from the terrific installment, the first of which had to do with a character departing Mystic Falls for an undetermined amount of time.

Now, on to the next spoiler...

Bromance at the Bar

A major secret will be revealed.

By whom? To whom? You'll need to tune in and find out. But I can say that it changes one character's outlook and plays a role in the final scene of the episode.

Once again, let the guessing games - and the countdown to the return of TVD - begin!

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Kitanishi h mcdonald

Yes I am sure they did not have sex, never again, for sure. He would just come over, drink her and watch her dress up in various clothes....suure. I don't knwo in what church you grew up, but yet again, reality check.
Also: bathtub. Also damon caring for andie? apart from being able to say that it was one of biggest and most forced retcons of the show, IT STILL does not excuse what he did and that no one reacts to it. Rape is not undone just because rapist suddenly started to care for whatever reason. Also why continue watching? for same reason people like vampbarbie continue to watch. For Caroline, also known as defacto main character of the show :)


You sure are expecting a lot from Damon. DAMON IS A VAMPIRE! He is also a character on a TV show, since when are characters expected to live up to some high code of honor and morality. Sure his behaviour would never fly in the real world, but this is an effing TV show. Learn to enjoy it for what it is. In every other vampire-type show or movie do we really expect the vampires to go around apologizing for every kill and every bad thing they do? Vampires are evil by nature so why are you all holding Damon up to such high standards? Does Stefan now have to apologize to everyone he killed and hurt while he was full blown Ripper? Good and evil is a constant struggle for Damon, making him a very complex character. If he were human I would not be excusing his behavior but he is a vampire, and vampires are evil by nature, so really, he just can't help himself. Besides, every good TV show needs a villian, and is TVD ever runs out of them, they will always have Damon on standby.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

And I am sorry, but wanting to get into pants of most boring girl in the world and being hurt, etc does NOT UNDO the consequences HE SHOULD get over what he already did and IS STILL DOING. I think it IS the opposite - fanbase allows characters like damon or chuck bass way too much. Like it or not, the show is set in somewhat real world and SHOULD follow the common sense of real world.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

So what you are saying is if the real world had freaking dwarves, it would be okay for those dwarves to be homicidal serial rapists and abusive husbands and law and morals of human society should NOT touch upon their acts of that? Reality Check. Damon does NOT make the show. He did in s1,when he was a complex multi-layered character and not a caricature of himself. By now, I am pretty sure for majority of people here on this site, its CAROLINE who makes the show. Why? Because Caroline IS the only complex multi-layered flawed relatable character on the show. THE ONLY character to have depth.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Damon NOT being human does NOT excuse supposed main heroine BEING human. By the very fact that Elena is human and was built up as freaking holy mary sue of caring. SHe SHOULD care about that. If she was built up as uncaring bastard or not-human, it would make sense, however the fact that NO ONE else reacts still would not. A big part of the cast ARE humans with HUMAN rules. The fact that cast sees no wrong on what Damon is doing is just as bad as Damon seeing no wrong with what he is doing and show still providing his interactions with others as possible.


@BoredNow...Like I said in my previous post, they never show, or even elude to the fact that Damon is continuing to have sex with Caroline after their first CONSENSUAL time. And as for Andie, again they never actually show or even talk about them having sex after the bathtub scene. You are just ASSUMING that is what is happening. In addition, Damon eventually did care for Andie and was eventually only compelling her not to tell people that he was a vampire. You could see that Damon cared for her when Stefan killed her at the beginning of this season. Damon was very and still is a little evil but trying to pin rape on him, c'mon.
I understand that you have a right to critique the show, it's what this website is all about, but your comments have gone way past any sort of normal criticism and are borderline inappropriate. You obviously do not like anything about this show (except I'm guessing Caroline based on past comments), so why continue to watch?


As much you liked damon you can't deny the fact that he's very impulsive and he did so many bad things.Ofcourse damon is the reason why TVD has alot of fans and alot of people still liked him very much. People are not just pointing out his negetive behaviour,the thing is how he'll never say sorry when he does something wrong or even feel remorse about it,elena is the only person damon has ever said sorry to,what about his brother,caroline,bonnie,jeremy,ric,john?and those are the people elena really love and cares about,he hurt them but each one of them has saved his life in return at least once.Look at what he did to caroline in S1,even when she turned into a vampire he tried to kill her but stefan stopped him.I know damon loves elena but if he really loves her that much he should also care about the people she love and treat them kindly but instead he did otherwise.


I love how people are calling Damon a rapist? I mean really, he is not human. And as far as I know he is not even real. Damon literally makes the show, without his character this show would be nothing. Damon is a very complex character and some peOple doesn't fully understand his behavior or motive. He is very self-destructive and disturbed. People always point out his negative behavior. I am sure he has saved everyone's lives in mystic falls more than once. People need to start giving him more credit. I mean he was supposed to be the main Villan, and now he is the hero. Don't take stuff so seriously, it's just a tv show.
P.S The writers of TVD are brilliant, don't change anything by listening to some ignorant people. TeamDamon always!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Agreed with Vampbarbie. Some comments on here really show the immaturity of part of TVD fanbase. All that is lacking is some girl/boy saying that "caroline deserved it". God, children nowadays. Quite warped sense of reality. Let me make it clear and short: Damon raped Caroline for weeks. FORCEd to have sex after she would not normally out of her own free will. Just because it was magicky eye stare hypnosis stuff, does NOT absolve it from being rape. Its same as drugging the girl and its no better. He abused her too violently.
Damon raped jenna's friend for weeks. same story as Caroline. TWO long-term cases within half-a-year I do believe make him a serial rapist and as long as show does not ACCEPT that and accurately portray that...there's something really wrong with the show too.


Damon needs to truly feel bad for what he has done to the people Elena cares about and he should apologize to Caroline for what he did to her. He should apologize to bonnie for trying to kill her and to Jeremy for snapping his neck! But he apologizes to Alaric for killing him! I'm sorry you can not denied the things that Damon has done and hasn't shown remorse for.

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I can't drink all this by myself. I mean, I can. But then someone is getting naked.


Elena: The Stefan that we know is gone.
Bonnie: How is Damon handling that?
Elena: Damon is... Damon.

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