The Vampire Diaries Teaser #2: A Secret Revealed

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Are you ready for clue number-two, Vampire Diaries fans?

As previously detailed, I was fortunate enough to watch the winter premiere, "The New Deal," over the weekend. Leading up to Thursday's airing of the episode, I'll be posting one tease per day related to events from the terrific installment, the first of which had to do with a character departing Mystic Falls for an undetermined amount of time.

Now, on to the next spoiler...

Bromance at the Bar

A major secret will be revealed.

By whom? To whom? You'll need to tune in and find out. But I can say that it changes one character's outlook and plays a role in the final scene of the episode.

Once again, let the guessing games - and the countdown to the return of TVD - begin!

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I hope the tree grew back.


That Elena loves Damon or someone spills the bean on why the killing Klaus plan failed


The secret is going to be Alaric's love for Damon!!!!! One step closer to DALARIC ENDGAME! :D

Kitanishi h mcdonald

IT will be revealed that Elena was indeed dropped on her head as a child resulting in her current state of dumb decision making and lack of personality. No seriously, with the "SecretS" this show tried to pull offf and failed(viking originals anyone?)I do not expect anything grand or even decent from this.


I think that the secret that will be revealed... will be is that Elena will tell Klaus that she daggered his sister Rebekah. Because in the synopsis for the new deal it says that Elena tells Klaus something that will shock him


Oh god the suspense is killing me. I've been worried lately that the TVD writers might run out of good ideas/plot twists after 2 and a half seasons, but I see that really isn't the case, is it? So excited. Maybe it has something to do with Bonnie? Saying something about her mother? I


The VD is full of secrets! That's nothing new! Maybe a little flashback again!
Can't count the days down! No more patient! It will be an amazing Thursday VD,SC,GA and PP, and TBBT! Kill me right know!


I think the secret will have something to do with stefan and damons decision not to persue elena. The producers said that damon is gonna think twice about starting something with elena.

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Elena: Damon is... Damon.

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