The Vampire Diaries Teaser #3: A Return To...

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It's time for another hint.

Having already viewed this Thursday's winter premiere of The Vampire Diaries, I'm spending the week offering one clue per day to readers dying for information on what's to come.

First, I teased that someone would be leaving Mystic Falls. Then, I revealed that a key secret would be revealed at one point during the episode. Now, for spoiler #3...

Tyler in the Woods

Characters will revisit a former setting.

It's a place viewers have seen before and one that will play an important role going forward because.... ahhh, you almost got me! Sorry, I can't say anymore at the moment.

But you only need to wait two more days to find out the answer. And you can debate the possibilities with fellow fans right now!

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I bet it's the house that Isabel stayed in when she came to visit. Stefan might have the Original Family there.


It's something from Season 1 based on a hint by @pricepeterson.


I think it's the upscale foreclosure that Isabelle used. Stefan is hiding there!


May be it's the old lockwood cellar,the tomb is out of option since the spell in it have been lift up,so any vampire can get in and get out or may be it's even the witche's house.


But the key word is characters so hopefully it's not the witch house because we already know they'll be there since it was in the promo.


It could be the tomb from the first season that kept all the vampires inside. But is Tyler's picture a clue! Is it the prison that Caroline was held in? Is Tyler going to use it with Bill to help fix himself?


I bet it's the witch house! Didnt this episode use to be called 'witch house' at first anyway?i read that somewhere...and yes it would make sense that Stefan hides the coffins there

Kitanishi h mcdonald

errr...wooods? witchouse? Considering this show has whopping total of 5 sets, not so hard.


I hope it's where the old Salvatore mansion stood, where Stefan hid Damon's ring in S1. That place was pretty. The reason I'm guessing this isn't referring to the witch house is because that makes an appearance almost every three episodes, so I'm thinking it's not very spoilery.


It's the witch house! Stefan will hide the coffins there or at least pretend to have hidden them there! Hope Bonnie sends these boys flying a round or 2! But know I'm thinking more about the episode title : "The New Deal!" . Will Damon and Elena change sites to Klaus to kick Stefans a** for cheating on them!

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Bonnie: How is Damon handling that?
Elena: Damon is... Damon.

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