The Vampire Diaries Teaser #5: Let's Make a Deal

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The weeks and days have turned in to hours and seconds, as The Vampire Diaries finally returns this evening with its winter premiere.

Visit TV Fanatic the nanosecond tonight's episode ends for a thorough review, discussion and debate - and scroll down for a refresher on the four teases I've offered so far, followed a the fifth and final tidbit...

Threatening Elena

Teaser #1: Someone will exit Mystic Falls.

Teaser #2: A big secret will be shared.

Teaser #3: A former setting will be seen/used again.

Teaser #4: One character will save the life of another.

Teaser #5: Elena will strike a deal with Klaus.

What will it entail? Who will it involve? My excited lips - or typing fingers, really - are sealed. But you are mere hours away from finding out!

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As for Jer: He will be off the show for personal reasons; other engagements that he signed on for.
Alaric: You got to love him; the protector of the Gilberts. Our knight in shining armor, I am glad that a love interest will come into is life. I hope he will/has signed on for more than 56 episodes, because they are running out. Please don’t kill off Alaric.
Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler. Needs more acting time, the CW needs to stop bringing in other actors so we can all enjoy our main characters, and they can have more acting time.
Always remember: Stefan & Elena FOREVER �


Everyone should know by now that whatever Stefan does is for a good reason, he probably gave Elena his blood because he knows Klaus or his false friends of a hybrid will try to kill her. So by doing this she will not die. Remember Stefan has some of his humanity, let’s not forget that, and deep down he truly loves Elena and would never hurt her or let anyone else hurt her.
Matt: Love him, he plays his character well, he is suppose to be the laid back, sensitive kind of guy. I fell in love with Matt the very first episode, when he and Bonnie was at the grill, Stefan and Elena walked in and Matt got up from the table where he and Bonnie were just talking about him and Elena, he went over to Stefan and Elena, and then introduced himself to Stefan, if you notice the cameras flickered over to Tyler and Caroline, Tyler turned to look because he thought Matt was going to do something bad. But Matt just put out his hand to Stef and shook it. Matt is a total gentleman.


I. Loved. That. Episode. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!! There are not ebough adjectives to describe how wonderfully, awesome, superb, great, SEXY, and the best thing in the whole world. I loved it!!!!


I am worried about Jeremy. And Alaric. I just couldn't deal with them taking away Alaric. I still remember freaking out last sfinale because I was so sure they were gonna take Alaric instead of Jenna.
Also, Elena and her deals lead to nothing but trouble has she not learnt that by now? God, deals with originals just do not lead to anything good, ever. Stefan just got out of one mess, leave it to Elena to trip into another.
Also that bit when Stefan feed Elena? Scary. And very hypocrytical. He copied Damon's move so sorry Stefan no points for you.
I love this show. I love this site. Damon had just better save the day and if someone has to die how about Matt? He just keeps on whinning anyway.


@Malwaredie, ooooh, I love that thought! And it would fit so well considering she killed Jeremy!


Thanks Matt for only giving teasers. The truth is you cannot enjoy the Vampire Diaries is you know what's going to happen. That's the beauty of the show. They keep you interested and surprise you when least expected. If we knew what was going to happen exactly what's the fun in that?


Thanks Matt for everything you do for the site. We appreciate what you guys do.


I know there teases for tonights episode Sasha. I jist know most people already know about these teases. I was just giving some teases of my own. : )

Matt richenthal

@Sasha: Thank you! Julie Plec even Tweeted this morning, thanking reporters for being so vague and spoiler-free for the most part.


I predict that Liz Forbes will die saving Jeremy, or one of the other characters. Caroline will effectively have no parents just like the Gilberts.

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Bonnie: How is Damon handling that?
Elena: Damon is... Damon.

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