The Walking Dead 2012 Premiere Clip: SOB, They're Alive...

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When The Walking Dead kicks off the second half of its second season on February 12, fans can look forward to fallout from Sophia's death, along with an increasing riff between Shane and Rick.

Apparently, they can also look forward to the appearance of two mystery men.

AMC premiered a sneak peek at this upcoming episode ("Nebraska") during last night's Hell on Wheels season finale and it features Rick and Hershel talking secretly in the bar... until two heretofore unseen individuals wander in and one declares: Son of a bitch, they’re alive.

Who are these men? Get your mind churning as you watch the clip below:

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I doubt it's anybody they know. It's probably that these two dudes saw them from outside and thought they were Walkers.


not the black guy & kid. And it cannot be some of hershels buddies either: they know Rick ("they are alive"). So it most probably happens (something) earlier in the episode.


Its guy and kid from.the begining of the.series or.its.some.of hershels buddies

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