The Walking Dead Return Poster, Scoop: A Focus on Feuds

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The Walking Dead returns for the back half of season two on February 12, and AMC will be doing everything it can to hype the (second) premiere.

Look for a marathon of season one to air on February 11, while the first set of season two episodes will air all afternoon the following day, leading in to the 10 p.m. return episode. The network has also released the following new promotional poster:

The Walking Dead Return Poster

Meanwhile, executive producer Glen Mazzara took questions yesterday at the Television Critics Association press tour and revealed the following tidbits:

  • Season three will be comprised of 16 episodes and likely split into two segments of eight and eight, with a long hiatus in between.
  • The ramifications of Sophia’s death will be felt immediately, affecting the relationship between Carol and Daryl and forcing "Carol to really stand on her own.”
  • The Shane versus Rick feud will ramp up and place "everybody else in a difficult position on that farm."
  • We won't ever get an origin story revealing why or how the zombie outbreak came to be.

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I want a flashback to how Sophia got bit.


I agree completely with "spookiepaws" teling us that they won't ever know, is telling us that there is, indeed, no hope, that it won't end, and that they'll all die. Might as well kill everyone off now then. I think that in the comics everyone is said to have the virus that causes you to turn into a zombie in them. The bite doesn't pass it on, it just makes you die and regardless of how you die, you'll become a zombie unless you're shot/wounded on the head. Telling us that we won't know what caused it might let us know that Jenner didn't tell Rick that everyone has the virus within them....then again, telling him that is not explaining but why wouldn't he tell them that, if he knew? *sigh* this show better start kicking ass soon b/c season 2 was crap so far and Shane needs to go once the show kicks off...right now I only want him to stay b/c including Daryl he's the most interesting character so far.


(continued)...."I hope I'm not giving too much away, but the story so far is based on a child struggling against an unrelated genetic disorder since birth. The child is chosen to be the subject of a brand new type of genetic treatment. Something goes wrong during the treatment, and the child is rushed a blood transfusion from someone who was bitten by a small harmless rodent before giving blood. It turns out the rodent had rabies, and the child is infected with rabies by the transfusion. The rabies virus immediately mutates in the child and the child dies from fever. Hours later, in the dead of night, the autopsy is conducted. During the autopsy, the child's corpse turns, infects the coroner and other medical personnel, and the outbreak begins."


Glen Mazzara (Thursday, Jan 26th), "In terms of origin, we chose to use the rabies virus for a few reasons. Both are one hundred percent fatal without vaccination, easily transmittable from a wide range of hosts through bites, and both effect the CNS (central nervous system)"....


I love this show, but am disappointed we won't get an origin story. Or even a 'blip'. How in the world did this happen? Where did it start?? I mean, in order for humanity to be able to move on, don't they need to know how this apocalypse started so they don't repeat it? It would be nice to know, even if there isn't a 'cure', how it came to be and make sure when they're rebuilding humanity, to not repeat the same mistakes....
Overall, looking forward to more Daryl and hopefully the return of Merle!


Shane needs to just go. Go away and not look back.


Good that they're not going to explain the zombie outbreak. From their corner of the world, how could they know?


and as long we can see more of Daryl, I dont care what the storyline is!

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