Touch Season One Preview: Unravel the Mystery

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Kiefer Sutherland returned to network television last night, as Fox aired a special sneak preview of Touch.

Our critic went through a whole box of tissues during the premiere.

What did you think of the new drama? Will you be nestled on to your couch when it returns on March 19 for the official start to its inaugural season? Below, we've posted the trailer that ran after the episode concluded, which gives readers a look at what's to come this spring. Check it out now and then react to the opener...

Grade the series premiere of Touch:

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Why didn't they call this show soporific? Cause that's what it does to me... or, since he acts like Jack Bauer, they could have called it the Bauer Boys... or maybe they could have called it Sit Around and Try To Figure Out Stupid Stuff Then Run Around and Panic at the Last Second.


I missed it and went to Hulu to catch-up.........Love Love Loved it, of course I loved 24 also...Funny because
I'm not a Kiefer fan...crazy isn't it ?


In the early going, I was scratching my head, hoping to figure it out, and also hoping that Jack Bauer would show up and save the day. But, when it all comes together, it's one of the coolest shows I've seen in quite some time.


I really enjoyed the first episode... Looking forward to seeing more!


If it premiere's on March 19th why didn't they use 3 and 19 instead of 3 and 18?


It gave me shivers. Really sucked me in. Great show.


I need some March. The preview was captivating.. let's hope it'll stay that way during the whole season.

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