Two and a Half Men Review: Awful Alan

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As board member of Walden Loves Bridgette Enterprises, Alan remained true to what's been a season-long theme on Two and a Half Men this week: the guy acted like the biggest scum bag ever.

Fighting for Walden

I can handle scum baggery, but the very idea of the man suddenly giving up his loyalty to Walden for a red Porsche and a touch from Walden's mother - that could only be described as "Slowly and in a Circular Fashion" - seemed ridiculous, considering he passed on selling on Walden's very expensive rhodium wedding band.

Now, suddenly, the irritating little douche required a multi-million dollar bribe of his name on the Malibu beach home to remain a loyal friend? Sure, I'll buy it for the purpose of this episode. But it's going to make me look at Alan a little differently the rest of the season.

The episode was also too dependent on Walden and his new array of supporting characters (Bridgette, Zoe, and Robin), all of whom were situated around the board room table.

After the midseason finale, I realized the series was going to closey follow the show's new Rose, Bridgette. And that's fine, I know Judy Greer is more than capable as taking over as the resident crazy lady. However, this week, she appeared much too sane, plotting with Robin to protect Walden's money from his investments. All this talk of fiduciary responsibility was far too... sensible. After driving through the house, I'm going to need a little something more than mother manipulation.

All in favor of never heading back to the Walden Loves Alan Enterprises board room? Aye. And bringing back more old Men supporting cast members? Seconded.


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There is nothing left to do w/this sitcom but CANCELLe IT!


Bring Charlie Sheen back the same way they brought Bobby Ewing back from the dead-now his starring in the reboot of Dallas this year , Two and half men and Chuck Lorre is losing !!!!! Charlie Sheen is Winning!!!!!!!!


Without Charlie Sheen, the series really sucks


Hi, your asking me for comments on this show, but I can't make any because I stopped watching this "disaster" after the first seven shows and "jumped ship", and, judging from what i have been reading, I made the right move and I am now making much better use of that free time .


I love the show! Its hilarious, i never watched it religiously before, but since ashton I haven't missed an episode! I love ashton though and have been a fan since 70s show.....ya'll r crazy if u think hes not funny, I must have literally laughed out loud so many times during this episode alone. And stop asking them to bring back charlie, thats almost as useless as people complaining on facebook about their redesigns; they're not gonna change it, if you don't like it don't watch/use(facebook) it.... people are annoying


I used to love this show. Now that it is Ashton Kutcher, it is not funny at all. I wish they will bring Charlie back. He is so good in this show and so natural in making people laugh. Ashton is a good actor, but he does NOT fit in this show at all. He needs to have his own show and not a replacement of Charlie. Charlie can never be replaced!!! Bring Charlie back!!!


They need to bring back the supporting characters. Berta, Jake, Judith, Herb, etc.. They have had potential for SO many great storylines. Judith cheating on Herb with Walden, Jake quitting school (did he? I haven't watched every episode in the new season due to my lack of interest), or at least Jake's blackmail scheme. Bring back Charlie. Why can't Chuck Lorre try to make amends? His show NEEDS Charlie, this show is nothing without him. I will believe any story to get him back, even if they say Charlie jetted off to Mexico and Rose lied about his death and put a dummy, etc... Alan is no longer someone I feel bad for because he tries so hard, but yet was never as successful as Charlie. Now I think he's the scum of the earth and I don't think I'd feel even a bit bad of Walden tore apart his limbs and through him in front of an open fire.


Bring back Charlie...The show always had many many laughs and now every once in a while funny....writer needs to do something different...and love the Kid but seldom on there and really just kiss and make up and bring back charlie...No offense Ashton, love you but not in this show


They should call this show "How to take down a good show and destroy the characters of the show in only half a season, and as for the tittle of the winter premier they could call it ¨They are both death¨


I felt like this episode was desperate to put Walden as the center of attention and take Alan out... This episode KILLED Alan for me, and in less then 20 minutes they let my know there is no hope for this show.

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Walden: You've mistaken tooth paste for lubricant?
Alan: Just once and it stung like hell, but my penis was minty fresh.
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Alan: Years of yoga and loneliness.

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