Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: Having a Ball!

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Klaroline can't really be happening... can it?

In the latest set of photos released by The CW - there is no new episode next week, and no pictures available yet for the February 2 installment - we get an early look at "Dangerous Liaisons," the episode set to air on February 9.

And it looks like things are about to take a turn for the... dapper?

During an hour that's expected to reveal a lot about the Originals, we see Damon dancing with Elena; Stefan dancing with Elena; and Klaus dancing with Caroline. To what end? For what purpose? We have awhile to go until we find out, but enjoy this early look at a few scenes now:

Klaus and Caroline
Very Dapper Damon
Having a Ball Together
Hot Dancing Partners
Dressed Up, Concerned

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is that stefen and mayor lockwared on the left in the back ground dancing?


I wnt thins 2 b as it ws in season1. i really lyk the stelena love. i dnt wnt her 2 b wt demon. it isnt d perfect match in d show. so wateva u do, make elena n stefan one again.


Klaus and Caroline are the best characters on the show. I'm glad they are finally getting some face time together. They're both hot....Let them be hot together for a little while. Its not like Klaus's character has a long life line anyways with everybody out to kill him. Plus Elijah's back! Hoorah! Life is good again. Go team Foriginal =)


i heard damon is gonna sleep with katherine at the end cuz stefen and elena had a thing or something at the dance =/


Hmm this episode looks interesting?is klaroline really happening or what?please don't break my forwood heart.


can wait to see what Elijah wears.....I am sure he will be invited to the ball yes???


Forget what I just wrote ;-) I saw the other photo with Klaroline in the meantime, so it's really her, haha.


I can see the bracelet, but is it really Caroline?! I mean, until February 9 Rebekah can also wake up, right? Just thinking.


Klaroline sounds really weird. I'd go with Klauline. Much prettier!


Whoever said it looks like Stefan is forcing himself on Elena is right. She looks really uncomfortable with him, and who can blame her? Even though in 'The End of the Affair' he pretty much told her to get lost, not told her to go because he was afraid for her safety, it seems to me that he is becoming obssessed with Elena. He follows her around everywhere, just as Damon did in the first season, and not because he has to anymore, but because he is the Ripper.I'm beginning to think that the writers should give the Elena / Damon re a chance and leave Stefan to the mercy of Katherine and Rebekah (who btw, along with Klaus is the most one dimensional character EVER to appear on TVD.)

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