Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: Having a Ball!

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Klaroline can't really be happening... can it?

In the latest set of photos released by The CW - there is no new episode next week, and no pictures available yet for the February 2 installment - we get an early look at "Dangerous Liaisons," the episode set to air on February 9.

And it looks like things are about to take a turn for the... dapper?

During an hour that's expected to reveal a lot about the Originals, we see Damon dancing with Elena; Stefan dancing with Elena; and Klaus dancing with Caroline. To what end? For what purpose? We have awhile to go until we find out, but enjoy this early look at a few scenes now:

Klaus and Caroline
Very Dapper Damon
Having a Ball Together
Hot Dancing Partners
Dressed Up, Concerned

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YAY! Bring Klaroline on! :)


hmmm...I`d read the somewhere that at the end of this episode there will be be Damon after an evening full of violence and dashed hopes, finding a new way to cope..Whatever that means, it could be possibly the reunion of Stefan and Elena..I`ll be very upset about this, because i`m so over this triangle. So please writer, decide one side and than get over it. Because teasing 2 and a half season something and then letting it die, before somebody can enjoy it is not good storytelling. But as a non shipper, please choose one side for Elena before it will ruin the show..The same with Caroline/Tyler. They are together for 5minutes, and then, surprise Klaus embrace his interest for our vampirebarbie.. And for Damon, please, let this charactar not be the punching ball for every Doppelganger around. Than give him Katherine back to destroy or enter the world..


Let's see where this thing goes and we'll talk again. I do have my own predictions but I've been wrong before...a lot :)


On a fashion note: everyone looks so good in these pics! Klaus isn't wearing that black string chain!


I also wish she'd return the bracelet! O well according to Trevino's interview Forwood is still on!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Looks can be deceiving and especially on a show like TVD, never take anything at face value.
that would be true for season one, but sadly the show has grown very predictable nowadays :)


You guys are totally jumping the gun, just wait and see what happens before you get excited or upset about this Klaroline thing. Looks can be deceiving and especially on a show like TVD, never take anything at face value.




Klaroline? WTF???! This is the most stupid idea ever on this show! Klaus is an ass.. And Caroline is great, so this is just a bad combi..! This is so wrong!!


A part of me actually wishes she would give the bracelet back to Klaus saying, you know I can't accept this gift for many reasons - you kill people like flies, you want to kill my friends and my bf bit me...probably coz of you....but I am just going to go with I can't accept such expensive gifts from a total ripper....

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