Vampire Diaries Round Table: Who is in the Coffin?

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The Vampire Diaries is taking this week off. But instead of crying (too hard) over that fact, the TV Fanatic staff is using it as an opportunity to stop and analyze the most pressing question currently hanging over the series:

Who, or what, is inside the mysterious fourth coffin?

That's the one question we posted to various writers in this special edition of the The Vampire Diaries Round Table. Read their responses now and then chime in with your own...

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Carissa Pavlica: I'll shoot for the Originals' supposedly dead mother.

Christina Tran: The Original Petrova Doppelganger! How epic would that be?!?

Matt Richenthal: Castiel. Producers keep saying he's coming back in some form and... wait, this might be the wrong show.

Steve Marsi: Eric Hochberger's heart. It died when Klaus and Caroline became endgame.

Miranda Wicker: Ooh, I'm going with Mama Original. As much as I want to see Nina Dobrev play another role, I don't think that's happening. And LOL, Steve!

Leigh Raines: Oh crap these are all really good answers. What ever happened to the original witch? Could it be her?

Carla Day: My first two guesses have been mentioned, so I'm going to throw out a long shot: the locked coffin contains Klaus's first love.

Chandel Charles: I think that one of the original Bennett witches has to be in that coffin. It's just a matter of which one and why it's important. Maybe the witch who cast the first vampire spell?

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Well, looks like we're about to find out!


I think its the original petrova doppelganger.( The lover of klaus)


My first thought was Klaus' mother, the Original witch. But I think it could be the original Petrova doppleganger too. Who knows?


I'm with you, Diana, on this one. I think it could Klaus's real father. He killed his mother, buried her in front of rebekah. Besides her spirit was already on the other side (Remeber Ghost World, where she was helping Vicki). If her spirit's already on the other side, that's pretty much curtains for her. On the other hand, it would be interesting if it was the original Petrova.


And just to clarify, a doppleganger is someone who looks like someone else, usually deisgned to torment their look-alike, so the original Petrova is technically NOT a doppleganger ...


I think that a weapon is too easy, if Klaus knew of something that could harm him he wouldn't cart it around in a sealed coffin for a millenium, he'd destroy it like they did with the white oak tree. Klaus sees witches as dispensible and we already know the Original witch is actually dead because she opened the gap from the "other side" to try and get rid of Elena. I personally think the most obvious answer is ... the Petrova girl used in the binding of the curse. If Klaus was onto how to create vampires, he could have fed her blood if he knew her and wanted to turn her, whether or not he knew about the curse. Or, if the binding of the curse required Petrova blood, not sacrifice, he could have turner her afterward, and locked her in a coffin to dessicate as punishment. But, I don't know if any of these are helpful in Klaus' demise, unless she's holding a branch of the white oak tree, that is.


Yes I believe it is Castiel, obviously it's an angel who can kick Klaus's butt! LOL Why do people think it's the Original Witch? that's Klaus's mother and he killed her and buried her, unless he went and dug her up and kept her still living using a spell or someone else. The most likely of choices is the Original Petrova doppelgänger who's blood was used for the curse on Klaus but then again,if she isn't a vampire then how is she still alive unless it's magic or she is a vampire as well. Of course, we could all be wrong and it's gonna be someone we don't expect at all.


i think it could be Klaus' twin brother


well my guess is that it's the "original" doppelganger...I think Klaus loved her and that the original witch (Klaus' mother) killed her in order to put the curse on him (they said at some point that it was the original doppelganger's blood that was used I think)...but then how would that help kill Klaus... so could be momma original as well ^^


What I want to know is how Damon did not win the award for villain? Was anyone else not bothered by this???!!! I just knew he would get it!! It would be really nice if everyone could coexist in Mystic Falls. I would love to see all the vamps getting along for a change of pace.

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