When Will Tony's Ex-Fiancee Arrive on NCIS?

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A week after NCIS' 200th episode, another major event awaits Tony DiNozzo.

The arrival of his ex-fiancée, Wendy (Perrey Reeves), “comes out of left field for him,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says of the February 14 episode written by co-executive producer Steve Binder.

Some fans have correctly recalled that Wendy, who has been spoken about several times of late, was long ago said to be a music teacher and not a journalist, which Glasberg says will be mentioned.

“Steve speaks to that in the script - Wendy decided that she wanted more out of life, so she took a journalist job,” he said, meaning he either thought about that already or fans caught the mistake just in time!

Perrey Reeves

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@annie9211 You are so right its sad that we know what will most likely happen before it air. Really show you how horrible these writers have taken our great show, I was just watching season 2 where they all had to protect the family and they were all given part to do. I bet now if they did it Ziva would get everything I also find it funny how she is even take mcgee computer skills.


It's hard to know if they'll let Wendy be a smart, sympathetic female character or not. Since the writers are always striving to flatter Ziva, they might write Wendy as a b----, just to show us what a prize Ziva is by comparison. They do seem to be suddenly shoving the Tiva angle, what with EJ and the cop from A Desperate Man, both waving their pom poms around TIva, and the way Tony is now being written as taking another look at Ziva. I have a feeling the Wendy story will be one of their "comic" episodes with Tony squirming uncomfortably, while his team gets a cruelly gleeful kick out of watching. Course if there's any action in the episode, we can count on Ziva and/or GIbbs saving the day. (Yawns)


I can not wait finally a smart female on the show beside Kate


wow you tiva v. non tiva people are adamant about your cause! honestly i like them either way, they are obviously good friends and close with one another. by the way @michael, if you want to be taken a bit more seriously, try checking your grammar. Not that I disagree with you, I do like Tony and Ziva as just friends, it's just I am a little embarrassed for you when I read the your horrendous butchering of the English language.


Looking forward to Wendy. Hope if we're stuck with any romance on NCIS, that she and Tony get back together permanently. Then we can see her once in a blue moon and not be subjected to it every week on the screen.


the way you write michael dont think you ever went to school,and he never said what you wrote stop lying michael.


At the end of season 7 beingging of season 8 Michael Weathlery was on Good Morning american and was saying how he did not like where his character has gone the last couple of Season and that Tiva has really back in character into a wall. he says he always get Hate mail from Tiva fans about how he taken up Ziva air time And Janet if you can't understand that then maybe you should't of drop out of school


Hi Editor and Janet I like both of your comments


Ha Janet - you make me laugh - you always have great comments back to Michael.
But don't ya know that 'Michael' here just makes things up? Michael Weatherly will quit the show? Ha - idiot - does Michael Weatherly e-mail you personally or what ? YOU michael are a big goof !!!!


michael do you get your so called information from sponge bob.


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