When Will Tony's Ex-Fiancee Arrive on NCIS?

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A week after NCIS' 200th episode, another major event awaits Tony DiNozzo.

The arrival of his ex-fiancée, Wendy (Perrey Reeves), “comes out of left field for him,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says of the February 14 episode written by co-executive producer Steve Binder.

Some fans have correctly recalled that Wendy, who has been spoken about several times of late, was long ago said to be a music teacher and not a journalist, which Glasberg says will be mentioned.

“Steve speaks to that in the script - Wendy decided that she wanted more out of life, so she took a journalist job,” he said, meaning he either thought about that already or fans caught the mistake just in time!

Perrey Reeves

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Totally disagree with you tom mcandrew. Tony was nothing but a supportive friend with Ziva during A Desperate Man. Although it sounds like they are going to play the Wendy episode as a humiliate Tony story. The ghost of Shane Brennan still haunts the story lines. IMO, if Tony was not on NCIS, it would be a very dull and even more predictable show. Dry and unfunny. His character is really the only one that actually surprises me anymore. The over focus on Ziva is what bothers me. I don't relate to Mary Sue, overly tragic, unrealistically skilled, and holier than thou types, which she is. I wish they'd cast others in the exciting scenes besides her and GIbbs. Week after week it's the same two shining in the hero moments. Her constant traumas, dramas, and wonder woman moments have turned the show into a bit of a cartoon/soap opera.


this is a great show except for the "stud"tony's lust and highschool attitude towards women! His charactor ruins this show! get on with the investigations abd leave the "love' stuff for the kardashians!


Wendy is our last hope to save Tony if she does not save Tony I believe Michael weathlery said he will quit the show if Tiva happen he hate Tiva more then us NCIS fans


With regards to your comment about foreshadowing and GIbbs. It seems pretty obvious that in the big 200th episode, GIbbs will be shot and his life will hang in the balance (again). As he teeters between life and death Mike Franks, or maybe Shannon and Kelly's ghosts will guide him through how bad his team members would have turned out if he hadn't entered into their lives. I think the picture with Abby, McGee, and Ducky in Gibb's basement may be part of his dream,and they are begging him to come back to the land of the living, which of course, he will do. Of course I don't really know what will happen in the episode - it's JMO. As far as Wendy goes, since I am not a Tiva shipper, I wish Tony could have an off screen love interest, but feel that sadly this will probably be a squirming Tony episode, as his "friends" taunt him with the usual cruel glee.


@sarah; I believe Mark Harmon said that Gibbs will not have a romantic interest.. and he won't..that focus is done.. his focus is on himself.. Interesting also, lets remember that book he was reading "Endurance"? Something tells me some bad foreshadowing is coming.. and I know, I am a Gibbsaholic so this is going to kill us this episode.


Can we just shake her off and get back to our TIVA..or lets think of it this way.. she is the FINAL roadblock.. I honestly don't know about this 200th, what if episode..but again, we will give them some creative license.. Now listen up.. don't make us hate on Wendy , you know we will too. I can see our Tweets now.. "Ziva just shoot her will ya?" TIVA FOREVER.


that cool Idk how I will like her or not yet I have to see her character 1st. I love my Tiva but I don't think they will get together yet at least. Hi Janet I love your comment that is so true.


Oh and P.S...my daughter is a DiNozzo freak..she LOVES him..sorry Bekki but mom is a Gibbs lover and you a Tony lover...we get on so well...lmao...xxxx


as much as the rest of the cast are fab i wish that just for once Gibbs (my dream man) finds the woman of his dreams (me of course lol) and finally mellows out alittle...the sadness of his first wife and child as been going on for to long and no woman he meets will never ever replace them..but just to have alittle happiness would do him the world of good.myself and my mother think L J Gibbs is one sexy man...and S.W.A.K is my best episode EVER...Gibbs naked??? come on please...more naked Gibbs....


Not if NCIS fan protects loud enough if we can get JJ and emily back we can kill the cancer of Tiva ounces and for all


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