Who Will Die on NCIS: Los Angeles?!

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Hope you're sitting down for this one.

The NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 finale in May will feature the demise of someone we know well.

Seriously, “Someone’s gonna die that we know well,” executive producer Shane Brennan said.

Gulp. The rest of his quote to TV Line about the upcoming arc teased that, “I’ve got the target, I’m just choosing which missile to fire. And there’s a character or two coming back to tie some things up.”

Kensi and Deeks Pic

Which missile to fire? This sounds like no joke. The question is who it hits.

As we've seen on both NCIS and NCIS: LA, which dispatched one of its core cast members in the first season, the characters serve the overall show, not the other way around. Brennan really will go there.

It's unclear if the victim will be a core cast member in this case, though. Someone "we know well" leaves the door open for it to be a (somewhat) extraneous, ancillary character (Lauren Hunter for example).

Peter Cambor's Nate, who was initially a series regular but quasi-left the show to partake in covert ops, is another good possibility. Still, it makes you wonder if there's a surprise much bigger than that in store.

Perhaps the most devastating loss would be Linda Hunt's Hetty Lange, who's cheated death a few times already this season. We really, really hope it's not true, but it certainly would rock the team to its core.

Who do you think dies in the NCIS: LA finale? Share your comments below.

In other NCIS: Los Angeles news, there is a major Kensi-centric double episode coming up titled “Blye, K.” That arc, Brennan says, goes to the very heart of why the character played by Daniela Ruah joined NCIS.

It also sets the stage for the NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-O crossover during May sweeps. The show is looking for a late 40s actress to play the estranged mother of a female character ... gotta be Kensi, right?

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You can't kill KENSI, DEEKS,CALLAN or SAM as they are great actors also I will STOP watching this show


You better not kill Kensi. She has to come back to Deeks.


since i like ncis la a lot, hope that the people live, bcause its a great show to show. i hope the people who writes this show is not dumb ( thats the nicer word i could think of) all the actors a great.


Wow!! I just noticed the dates...no one died on NCIS right? I watch it all the time. What episode is this misfortune suppose to happen???


No! No!...No one must die sniff!!! Love this show just the way it is.


The one thing that really caught my eye when Callen supposedly killed the chameleon was the lack of blood. In all the other shootings of the episode the show was not shy on showing blood. The many shots that Callen did, and the final looking to be a headshot, no blood seen when Kensi cheked for a pulse... not a mark on his head. So I think this was some sort of ruse that would have taken Kensi, Deeks, and Sam knowledge of. Apparently by the look on Hetty's face she was not included which tells me the whole ruse was done by Granger. Possibly the Feds got what they wanted and had to make it look like the Chameleon was killed. Maybe he goes into Witness Protection or is just taken into secret custy by the feds, most likely headed once again by Granger.


We know now that 4 are still alive but Callan killing the chameleon I think is a ruse . Why would some beat cops from L.A. arrest him when they heard the group yelling Federal agents? The cops L.A. would have backed off and let the feds take over unbelievable unless its a ruse to get the "bad" guy . I think the chameleon is alive but Hetty handing in resignation ?apparently she didn't know the plan.


Just to let you know I am cris and I had so much fun jacking it and I remember when derector told us that someone or someones will die we all had the same conversations.


I know Reno and hunter and the comilion die g callen gets arrested


Both LL Cool J/ Sam & Daniela Ruah/ Kensi have an eye birthmark.

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