Who Will Die on NCIS: Los Angeles?!

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Hope you're sitting down for this one.

The NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 finale in May will feature the demise of someone we know well.

Seriously, “Someone’s gonna die that we know well,” executive producer Shane Brennan said.

Gulp. The rest of his quote to TV Line about the upcoming arc teased that, “I’ve got the target, I’m just choosing which missile to fire. And there’s a character or two coming back to tie some things up.”

Kensi and Deeks Pic

Which missile to fire? This sounds like no joke. The question is who it hits.

As we've seen on both NCIS and NCIS: LA, which dispatched one of its core cast members in the first season, the characters serve the overall show, not the other way around. Brennan really will go there.

It's unclear if the victim will be a core cast member in this case, though. Someone "we know well" leaves the door open for it to be a (somewhat) extraneous, ancillary character (Lauren Hunter for example).

Peter Cambor's Nate, who was initially a series regular but quasi-left the show to partake in covert ops, is another good possibility. Still, it makes you wonder if there's a surprise much bigger than that in store.

Perhaps the most devastating loss would be Linda Hunt's Hetty Lange, who's cheated death a few times already this season. We really, really hope it's not true, but it certainly would rock the team to its core.

Who do you think dies in the NCIS: LA finale? Share your comments below.

In other NCIS: Los Angeles news, there is a major Kensi-centric double episode coming up titled “Blye, K.” That arc, Brennan says, goes to the very heart of why the character played by Daniela Ruah joined NCIS.

It also sets the stage for the NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-O crossover during May sweeps. The show is looking for a late 40s actress to play the estranged mother of a female character ... gotta be Kensi, right?

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Well Madison you might hate me. I rewatched the promo (I'm old school so I actually tape them, not dvr). Callen says to Granger... He killed our people! Well there are two bodies behind Hetty near the end of the promo and when her back is to the camera you see the outlines. One I truly believe has to be Nell. If anyone else can rewatch it you will notice it doesn't take up the table in autopsy. Since Hetty is in the shot and alive and well, it has to be Nell. Unless someone was cut in half.... And forgive me b/c I shudder at that image. As for the other covered body... I am iffy who it is. I've rewatched it like 5 times and freeze frame the shot w/ Hetty's back to the camera and the dead bodies. I want to keep saying dont believe what you see in the promo or what it implies. Its done to deceive fans. It really is! And since Sam is so big I cant believe its him (and not b/c I want to believe he survived). I want to re-touch on something I said I dont know how many posts back that just b/c someone dies doesnt mean they stay dead. These agents go deep under cover & I believe that was my theory a while back. They die for that but the team doesnt know (except maybe Hetty). But what if the 'Chameleon' doesnt get caught or killed but kidnaps Sam. We might get a flash of something covering his head at the end or believe he is dead along with the team and halfway through next year we get a glimpse he is alive. Crazy I know. Finally, can we post stills/ screencap of the promo? I'd like to in order to get everyone's opinion who the dead bodies shown at the end.


Please i am begging you please don"t let any one die. This show is the best show and i admire every one of them. Sam (LL Cool J) if you are making him die please make him come back. You will crush my heart if he or anyone else dies. I mean it. :(


Hopefully this post will come through better than my last (cut off a lot). Anyways... Part of me wants to say that Eric is right and LL Cool J/ Sam gets killed b/c of previews. But remember dont take everything at face value. I will have to replay when my current show is over but doesnt Callen say something that implies more that more than one person was killed? And what if those killed are Vance and someone within NCIS, but not NCIS La? Just an agent or someone of value. Finally, to KAJ... could you or someone else that has read this send me a link where Shane Brennan confirms Nate will be back more after this season?
To me that implies Nell or Eric or both could be the ones that die.


Sam(Ll Cool J) dies :(


Why not Vance? NCIS LA is promising a death and NCIS season finale is called "till death do us part" apparently not only because of the wedding. Also NCIS season finale description talks about a terrorist attack that will rock the Navy AND the team, surely the death of Vance would do it? Plus we know him well. Maybe it would be an original way get rid of someone we know, by pulling the two shows temporarily together? Just an idea, plus they have no problem getting through directors and the show still continues, personally I would want someone we hardly know die, not someone who we are acquainted with and love. But TV directors are brutal :/


It's getting very close to the season finale on NCIS LA. I can't imagine the demise of any of the core team members (Kensi, Deeks, Hetty, Callen, Sam, Eric, Nell) this group of actors/actresses and the chemistry and love they have for one another is not something you find everyday. Breaking up this "elite team" would be a fatal mistake. This season has been INCREDIBLE and relationships between the characters have developed and continue to in exciting and emotional ways that connect with the audience. The writer's have been incredible this season and the episodes outstanding and heartfelt at times. This is just one fans opinion and love for the show. Shout out to the beautiful and very talented Daniela Ruah who is the reason I watch the show "female power all the way"


If anything happens to DEEKS OR KENSI I am done with this show for good, the writers made a huge mistake with killing of Kate Todd(I think that was her name), because her and Tony had this awesome conection going which is one of the main reasons in which I watched the series, but now I dont really care about NCIS. The two characters of Deeks and Kensi have filled that hole for me and many of my friends, I just hope the writer knows what he is doing (Kill Sam or Callen). Thanks very Much!


If it is Marty Deeks I will never watch the show again. He is the reason I started to watch it I watched when it first came on and it was good and all but it just didnt grab me then one night I just happened across it again and the character Marty Deeks I just found him so likeable and funny I just wanted to watch as many episodes as possible. So please not him.


If its deeks.not watching any more done.done done.


I hate to say it, because I love her character, but I think linda hunt maybe leaving at the end of the season. Ferrer/Granger has been shown up way too much. I also saw something a couple episodes ago which lead me to believe this. Granger believe he knew what he was talking about and G and Calen both showed him, he was wrong. Showing granger to start to trust their instincts.

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