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thanks, I fixed it. (shakes fist as spell check!) why can't spell check know what I'm trying to say!


I did think it was one of the lamer episodes.
They also did not do their homework as someone that religous would not pay someone on the Sabbath. I also agree with the other comment that their total should go down...don't forget the expenses for their shmata outfits!


"Finally, the least annoying was Max being cared for by Esther and her family and that causing her to grow a conscious about four of the cupcakes not being Kosher."

I'm pretty sure Max was conscious there were 4 non-Kosher cupcakes. She did, however, grow a conscience. Conscious vs. conscience.

Shouldn't their amount have gone down from $865? Caroline bought new bowls and Kosher ingredients for the cupcakes. That had to cost them a few bucks. And with Max being sick, she wasn't able to work to bring in pay for a few days. The math isn't working in my head.


Great show, it"s even funny if not taken so seriously.


Love this show. Keep up the good work

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