2 Broke Girls Review: Bang for the Buck

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Like Valentine’s slutty cousins, coming to visit lonely souls only a few weeks after the holiday of romance, Lust and Passion found their way front and center on 2 Broke Girls here, as Sophie hooked up with Oleg and Caroline did the Walk of Shame after a night of getting her "web mastered."

And just like the awkwardness that is created when an attractive cousin shows up to the family Thanksgiving dinner wearing a “you should see me naked” T-Shirt, Lust and her friend Passion had friend selling out friend in one of the best games of “finger pointing” I’ve seen to date. Starting with Caroline accusing Oleg of blabbing all the way through, to Earl letting it slip that Max was throwing a party, the facial expressions and looks of betrayal were priceless.

Let us not forget the road trip that Caroline and Max took to see Caroline’s father. Lust was clearly putting in overtime. First, with Max finding them a ride on the “Bang Bus,” then when Max made an offer to the guard that any straight man would find difficult to turn down.  

Gals in Prison

Ah! But, not to be outdone, Passion decided that Max should continue her streak when Max bumped into an Irish man who was so taken with her on a one-night stand that he blew up a Chipotle and had her likeness tattooed on his chest.  Wait, did we finally cross a different type of inappropriate line while ridding the “Bang Bus?” Well, that's a buzz kill. 

Honestly, had it not been for the change in tempo from the prison riot started by the Red-headed Irish bomber, I’m not sure if "And The One Night Stand" would have found an enjoyable ending giving how much influence Lust and Passion was having on emotions to that point. And while it was a funny episode featuring some great quotes, I would really like to see the girls start to make some sort of profit with the cupcake business; their current total is pathetic!

Girl’s Current Total: $625.00.


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Yes, there is such a thing as overdoing it, but it is only on once a week, so I can handle that.
Plus, since I have watched all Austin Powers movies more times than I can count, this is my type of comedy.


I quite enjoyed the scene with the Irish Bomber, I almost started crying of laughter.
I love Max, she makes this show, her dirty dark humor is perfect, and it's right up my alley! And in total agreeance with "in love" they should bring back Irish for some romance with Max, or Johnny, or SOMEONE. I am tired of her being alone, come on give her a little something!


Brian Robinson who played "Irish" made this show worth watching for me. I think they need to bring his character back for more shows. Maybe a possible romance with Max...again. The tattoo he had of her was hilarious. That is one beautiful man.

Uncle jackass

I still have to turn off my brain to watch it, but it still an enjoyable episode. Almost a Chinese whisper of keeping secrets was occurring. That said, Birthdays are always expensive; especially when you're trying make it fun.


i like this episode gave me a lot of good laughs.


I don't know why I keep watching this series. Yes, sex jokes and innuendo is funny but there is such a thing as overdoing it.

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Caroline: It's strictly business.
Max: Alright, but it's costing us 200 dollars, might as well get something out of it. Maybe let him browse your Yahoo.

Han: Tomorrow is Caroline's birthday.
Max: Why don't I know that about her? She tells me everything. I know so much about her cycle I feel pressure to impregnate her.
Oleg: I can do that for you.