30 Rock Review: Real Life Is For March

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"Leap Day" was an episode of 30 Rock I respected a whole lot more than I laughed at.

Between the creation of this fictitious holiday, everyone's absurd involvement in the day's festivities and especially the development and execution of the faux movie starring Jim Carrey, the outing was a lot of fun, if not all that overtly funny.

Leap Day Celebration

Steve Buscemi, who earned his second 30 Rock directing credit this week, made the episode enjoyable. Everyone watching Kenneth direct traffic as the office's very own Leap Day William, or the fantastic transitions between Leap Day past, present, and future for Jack, are a couple of examples of the magical feeling to the half hour.

Sure, there were some outright funny moments, but not nearly as many as the standard episode of 30 Rock. Tracy thinking that Dot Com is his imaginary friend is absolutely hilarious, especially when Dot Com continues to give him evidence to the contrary.

A few other highlights were Liz coming up with lyrics to the cantina song from Star Wars, and Jenna's ridiculously detailed and off-putting story she told in trying to describe a turtle.

I also loved everything about Jim Carrey and Andie MacDowell in Leap Dave Williams. You have to give it up to Jim for playing this role that is such a play on the roles he has done in the past, like Bruce Almighty or Liar Liar. He just ran around like a crazy person, sporting gills, a twirling white mustache, and a top hat, and I loved every second of it.

The low-light from "Leap Day" had to be Steve Little as Thad. Season two of Eastbound & Down absolutely ruined him for me. His performance here wasn't funny at all, but Jenna and Liz were pleasant enough to make that plot a wash.

What about you? What did you think of this week's episode? Did you respect it as much as I did? Did you laugh much more? What was the funniest part?

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I'm wearing Blue and Yellow because guess what day it is?!


I'll be wearing yellow and blue every leap day from now on.


I can't believe Liz is dating the prince from Enchanted.


Oh my, when the little ewok 'statue' moved in the case I laughed so hard and rewound that moment more than a few times.


It wasn't up to the hilarity standard of last week, but was a very original and funny idea nonetheless. The highlight for me was Jim Carrey and the the fake Leap Dave Williams film, plus the fact that the writers managed to come up with all this nonsense! Sadly, I now want Leap Day to be real, and I also want to see all of Lemon's cantina lyrics, as sung by Tracey Jordan.


Love how Leap Dave Williams movie was running all day on USA Network, NBC sister cable network. Jim Carrey was so funny. "But I'm Leap Dave Williams!"
I also will have to remember to wear blue and yellow so I don't get my eye poked!


I adored this episode, regardless of the lackluster, out-of-character Liz moments. I'll accept that she was just getting caught up in the spirit of Leap Day (and the thought of being a multimillionaire), but I'll be more critical if she pulls that stunt on any other day (no matter what Leap Day Williams tells me!) I do have to state, however, that Criss' light-hearted joking and easygoing nature about the whole ordeal at the end gave me a real heartwarming feeling at the end of the storyline; I might have even accepted the out-of-character Liz better if we saw the two of them get a longer moment of heartwarming, even if it was something as simple as a hug, a cuddle, or just seeing them get closer as they walk arm-in-arm. Everything else in the episode was nothing short of brilliant to me. I hope Leap Day becomes the new Festivus, and I know for a fact that I'm wearing blue and yellow next week so I don't get my hair pulled and poked in the eye.


Great episode.


I thought this episode was funny.
I was laughing hard at Jenna's comment about; "seeing that shell thing on the road, so you swerve so you can hit it, but then another car swerves to miss you and goes off and cliff, so you and the other person make sweet love, because of the dark secret you had". Classic Jenna.
Everything else was average. I like Liz and Criss. Hopefully something more between them is arising. Tracy was alright this episode. Kenneth was always funny as usual regarding his birds or whatever animals he has. Jack's flashbacks were great.

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