Californication Review: Born To Walk Alone

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Even when Hank tried to do a selfless act and help out the man who stands between him and his one true love, he wound up in trouble. This week's episode - "Here I Go Again" - showed that Karen really does know Hank better than anyone, as he proved right her accusation that everything he touches "turns to shit."

Karen putting down Hank is nothing new, but to see Becca so angry with him was some serious hurt for Hank. 

Not helping his cause was Holly, who despite her great taste in music was a walking disaster, realist or not. The most surprising result of the whole Bates mansion melee was the emergence of Tyler as Hank's seemingly best ally. Their relationship looked like it took an interesting step when the young suitor asked Hank to read his screenplay. Scenes from next installment revealed that the kid actually has some talent.

Drea De Matteo on Californication

Hank definitely has a friend in Richard but he did not look like he was going to be much of an ally worth coveting. While I rather enjoyed the moments between the two lovers of Karen, the laughs I fear will give way to tragedy as this storyline can only end poorly for the off the wagon addict. 

Luckily, we had the gorgeous Lizzie to lighten things up. Stu was treated to a real life Phoebe Cates moment. Only thing that could have made that scene better would have been for The Cars's "Moving In Stereo" to be playing in the background. It seemed pretty clear what Lizzie's motive was in sleeping with Charlie, but even more apparent was that the Runk did not care. Personally I was very happy for our little bald buddy. 

With his agent busy with what should prove to be his new client, Hank will surely find himself once again walking alone, but as we saw in the scenes from next episode, he soon will gain his old drinking buddy Eddie Nero. The use of Whitesnake to close out the episode was a none to subtle but fitting song for our hero. Do you think he and Holly spent the night lap dancing and listening to GNR? Guess we'll find out on March 4.


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i was shocked that this is drea de mateo in this episode


Episode was pretty much better than previous ones. Since few last episodes it seemed to be same stories was airing in different ways.


Look at your hotamail for a comment


Thanks for letting me know, Chris. I'll watch for it. The show - and your reviews of it - are too good to miss. (Would be great if it aired in Canada the same night as the U.S., instead of a day later - but I can't have everything.) :) Cheers!

C f ohara

wolfshades I think this week u will see was an anomaly because of my delay in posting the review my editors took it down from where I had posted it on Monday because it was not in sync with the time line of shows. next episodes review should and will appear normally. be sure to look for it as soon as the episode concludes at 11:00 EST


Hi Chris. You're welcome. I guess there's something wrong with the indexing. I went through 20+ pages and wasn't able to find this particular page - again, could only get to it via the search. (I did find last week's review though in the rotation). I also notice that it doesn't show up in the regular email updates. This show is *very* conspicuous by its absence. Cheers!

C f ohara

wolfshades thx for the comments. As for the order of articles admittedly I posted this week's review late because I was battling a stomach flu and not the Irish kind like Richard was suffering from. For Cali, reviews usually post a minute after the episode concludes EST as I get the episodes ahead of time from Showtime and usually write my reviews earlier in the week because I also cover House of Lies Sunday nights. So if you click on the main TVF site they will be right there. The other option like you noted is to search by show in the top right drop down box. Hope that helps and thanks again for the feedback.


This show just never disappoints does it? I mean there are definite downer moments in some of them, like when Becca tore an unfair strip off of Hank, and when Karen figured out something wasn't kosher with Richard and she *still* chose to put the blame on Hank. Yet, for all that (and when have we ever seen Hank go to such great lengths to preserve a friendship at his own expense?) we keep wanting to come back for more. Or at least I do. A techmical side note about these reviews: they don't seem to be showing up in chronological order in the list of articles. The only way I got here at all was by using the search function. What's up with that? If it were in the list, I'm certain you'd have more comments - because this show is very popular. Is it because it's not on regular network TV stations?


Finally, a female nudity. I don't count strippers - it's a given. Very nice buttocks.

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Californication Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Holly: I shook my money maker to an entire album form him, Guns N' Roses, "Appetite".
Hank: Great album.
Holly: The best! I lost my cherry to it, front and back.

Richard: I gotta come clean Hank, she's been through too much. No offense.
Hank: Some taken.