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After Karen told Richard it was not okay to bring in the clowns Hank was summoned away to help write a "Love Song" with Kali. Kali told him she wanted the song to be "More Than Words." While she informed him of the story of how she left New York to come to Los Angeles, Hank flashed back to he and Karen's first days in L.A. when they were debating whether or not to move out West themselves.

The three-year gap between last season and the current one had me anxious for some flashbacks to what we missed during that span, but what we got this week was far better. I had always assumed that Hank was unfaithful to Karen throughout their relationship, but as we saw when he snubbed the advances of Allie Andrews, he was not always so willing to say "Let's Get It On." So what happened?

Hank and Kali

According to Hank, neither cities nor people can change a person; we are who we are. By that line of reasoning, it was only a matter of time before Hank strayed from Karen, regardless of whether or not they decided to move to L.A.  

Despite the allure of woman such as Kali - who sizzled this week and showed some nice depth of character - as the episode came to a close with Karen and Hank embracing, it was never more clear that they will always be each other's first, last and everything. Hank may not have a chance to rekindle their endless love, though, as it seemed more and more likely that Samurai will eventually catch Hank and Kali playing their "Wicked Game."

It was great to see the old gang though in their early days, wasn't it?

Hank - with stars in his eyes and Charlie with dollar signs in his - were ready to take on Hollywood. I loved Marcy's reasons for loving L.A. as they very much mirrored my own, but in a town where everyone is trying to be someone else, it is no wonder Hank has lost sight of who it is he wants to be.

Regardless, he and the rest of the cast were "Wonderful Tonight" and set the stage for some exciting episodes to come. 


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I'm completely agreed with Michael M. Hank didn't cheat Karen and Becka but some circumstances they got separated and there are trying to patch up. Hope we'll be seeing them together in few episodes of Californication season 5.


Actually, it's always been known that Hank has never cheated or strayed from Karen. Nothing "happened." If you watch all 5 seasons, he has never once cheated on her and that's never been an issue. It's basically been all the stupid things he's done all along that have pissed off Karen and Becka. That's the only weak point in this show - that the things that they're pissed off at Hank either didn't happen, or weren't that big a deal to begin with. But the writers seem to want us to think Hank has done a bunch of horrible things, but since they still need us to like him, some of these things seem relatively trivial. Like this week, that Hank did not organize the assault on Becka's boyfriend - well, he DIDN'T! But that conveniently gets pushed aside. As I say - only weak point in an otherwise flawless show.


P.S. was anyone surprised that we didn't see the end of the previous episode's police car joy-ride, after another police dude pulled them over? I think that would have been interesting to see: one famous rapper, one writer, one crying agent and one drunk naked guy. Tell me that's not a scene in itself!


This show continues to be my all-time favourite. I'm amazed by the writing, and by the persistently electric acting. Great review, Chris. I keep wondering what's going to happen when Samurai finds out about Hank and Kali and decides to bring the hammer down. Prediction: someone will kill Samurai in self-defence, and somehow, Hank will get the blame, and the publicity for it, once again.


Nice review, but did you not watch Season 1? Hank wasn't the one who cheated first, it was Karen. And he was faithful again when they got back together. Except for the accidental mouth rape thing...

C f ohara

Whoops,yes TY "bob." Sex and the City slip.


who's harry? you mean charly ;)

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Californication Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Hank: I love L.A. I love it! I said it, I meant it, I'm here to represent it.
Karen: Who are you right now?
Hank: I don't know.

Everything is fucking fake OK? The houses are like sets and the people are indistinguishable from actors, it's awesome!