Candice Accola on Klaroline: It's Possible!

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Cover your eyes, Forwood fans. Candice Accola is about to deliver some horrifying news.

Speaking to E! on the set of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, the actress was asked about the chances that Caroline actually hooks up with Klaus, considering their deep conversation on "Our Town" and their upcoming slow dance (below) on this Thursday's "Dangerous Liaisons."

Klaus and Caroline

"I think there's definitely the possibility for a romantic relationship to happen between those two," the actress said, although Joseph Morgan was quick to disagree, adding:

"It's going to be a stretch for her to forgive him for everything that he's done."

Tyler, meanwhile, will remain MIA this week and beyond, as Accola confirms Caroline's dangerous ex "needs to work on himself" and "has decided to separate himself from the people that he loves so he doesn't hurt them anymore."

Watch the full interview with this beautiful star now and then sound off: Do you want to see Klaroline come to fruition?

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I will admit that before klaroline I was forwood all the way, however ever since the scene in which Klaus saw caroline & instantly fell in love, I have been a hard shipper of Klaroline. I just think that there is so much connection, not only between the characters but also between the actors, which makes the on screen chemistry all the better. I love the story line, and I overall feel that Klaus may have done terrible things, but I think that Caroline makes him a better person, truly. I feel that Although Tyler changed for the better since he started dating her, he has not truly accepted her, I feel like he loves her, and she loves him, but there are thousands of things that he cares about, while Klaus there are only a few things, and out of all those things she is the most important. I really do hope that the last scene between them in the 100th episode is not the last scene. I will cry, for some reason I feel as if, if Klaroline can't happen, love is not real. Anyways, basically I love Klaroline so much. It is such a deep story, and shows both characters vulnerabilities, if only Klaus didn't kill Tyler's mom. Maybe then there would not be such conflict. :)


I absolutely love Klaus and Caroline! I want them to be together so bad! There romance makes the show. And if they kill any of the oringials I will stop watching the show! I love all of them and the connection between Klaus and Caroline is out of this world! TeamKalus!!


THANK GOD. Klaroline is literally the best thing this show has going for it right now. They have so much chemistry it's literally crazy. They've shared one scene so far and already everyone is going gaga for them.

Kimberly anne

I love that Caroline and Klaus is a possibility. These two have chemistry! I liked Forwood but then they became very uninteresting compared to these two. I a, completely for K and C.


Tyler, in my opinion, had the juiciest potential B story line this season. I thought that his becoming a hybrid could have been a neat way of making him useful or important to either the gang or Klaus. There was a bunch of cool, little stuff they could have done with it to incorporate Tyler into the general story arc but instead they use his new found hybridism to alienate him from everyone. What's worse yet is that no one cares and to prove that, he'll be MIA for most of the remaining season. For the second time in as many seasons, they send Tyler off on some soul searching mission just when things heat up. I guess I just have a problem with how easily disregarded Tyler is by both the writers and other characters. Wherever it is he is, he should just stay there because there's nothing for him back in Mystic Falls.
Ok, I think I got that all out. Sorry, I know it's long and more than just a bit bitter, but I've been biting my tongue for weeks now and just couldn't hold it in!


I think what bums me out about this Klausoline thing the most though is what it means for Forwood, and in particular, for Tyler. There was so much romantic potential for them at the beginning of the season and it sounded like the writers had some good ideas about where their relationship was going, but they failed to capitalize on any of the emotional consequences that would have fleshed out their love story and endeared them to viewers. Their scenes together, far and few in between, have been so striped down and glossed over that they feel a bit flat- the viewer has to infer all the emotion that should be going on between them. The writers really dropped the ball with Forwood, heck they dropped Tyler all together!


Caroline and Klaus just don't make any sense, like at all.
I get that everyone loves to be pleasantly surprised by a couple they never saw coming and under different circumstances, I might even be intrigued, but as things stand I can't even fathom how a romantic relationship could happen without drastically undermining both of their characters integrity. How can Caroline ever even think about looking past the terrible, terrible things Klaus has done? And when exactly did Klaus decide he's into Caroline? They've had ONE conversation in which he cried at her about genuine beauty in the word (ugh, for this big bad villain, he can be such a wussy) and now he's just got to have her? It seemed pretty clear to me that Klaus had Tyler bite Caroline so he could
make a deal with Sheriff Forbes for his immunity since Stefan had order his hybrids to leave town, but everyone thinks it's this big, romantic gesture on his part. As far as I'm concerned, that's not romantic; it's skeevy.


i liked tyler and caroline BEFORE they happened, but when they got together they became so boring. all they had were their "steamy sex scenes". I found myself missing Matt and carolines sweet relationship, until this amazing klaus/caroline-thing happened. klaroline all the way!!!!! there's real chemistry between candice and joseph.


@ jenny dont be stupid stefan nand caroline cant eva hook up nd wud definetly luv to see some KLAROLINE action


I really hated Tyler and Caroline, and i hope it's over. Klaus and Caroline would be very intresting and juicy...
First of all Joseph Morgan is beyond hot and i would love to see a romantic side of Klaus.
Second, Caroline in those last few episodes, is definatly my favorite. Her scenes are just amazing.
Third, after that amazing scene they did together, (and since caroline lost her father and might start doubting her choice to live) I think another amazing strong scene between them is bound to happen. So I would love it if it leads to something else.
Besides, it would be Caroline falling for a guy she shouldnt be with again, but this time for one that is more of a gentleman, mature and with an accent that makes me crack!!!


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