Castle Review: Blues for the Butterfly

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There are a handful of things that Castle does well. Even better, there are a few things that Castle does REALLY well. After watching "The Blue Butterfly”, we can now add nostalgia and flashbacks to the latter list.

When there is a series such as this - which sets the bar high with continuous entertaining hours of comedy, drama and romance - it is hard to have an episode exceed those expectations. It’s been done before, with the 3XK tales and season finales, but this hour was different. It didn’t have your heart thumping, nor were you sitting on the edge of the couch - but it didn’t need any of that. What it did have was solid writing on a case perfect for Rick Castle.

Trip Back in Time

Let’s just start by saying that Nathan Fillion is one of a kind. Fans have seem him in pretty much every type of character Hollywood has to offer, and he nails them all.

Episodes told through flashbacks are pretty difficult, but this was an exception. Castle imagining the characters as his friends and family was great. I mean, who hasn’t done that at least once before when they read themselves? Anyone? Anyone?

The Case. The hunt for the Blue Butterfly necklace was just as, if not more, interesting that the search for the murderer. I honestly wasn’t sure who the killer was going to be and I was a bit let down that it was a background player with such a small amount of screen time.

The Runaways Live! The best part about this case was that Vera and the PI lived happily ever after. I guess I'm not the only sucker for love, especially when it withstands decades (cough...cough...Beckett). Our favorite detective is much more soft than when this series started.

A Castle Flashback

The Man Who Doesn’t Age. Mark Pellegrino guest starred as mob boss Tom Dempsey/Tom Dempsey III. He has been popping up all over the place as of late, and I know I am not alone in loving it.

Got to hand it to the writers for the small and clever details they put in this installment. Pellegrino played both the grandfather and grandson, and as Castle put it, he was a doppleganger for the g-pop. They could have had someone else play the younger version, but it was MP that took on the task. I'd like to think of it that he played both roles because he is Jacob, the ageless guardian of the Island. Oh, Lost, I miss you terribly. Anyways...

Side Notes

  • Okay, Tamala Jones! The girl can sing and work a gown like it is her job.
  • How awesome was Castle trying to get Ryan to talk with the accent. “Say Boyle. Boyle. Boyle. Boyle. Boyle. Boyle. Like a leprechaun!”
  • Caskett shippers got to experience Beckett and Castle as a couple through the flashbacks. Even in the 1940s, these two had undeniable chemistry. Having the couple grow old together has to be a promise to us fans rooting for the pairing, right? Even if not, we still got a kiss and an I love you out of it.
  • Who wants to join me at the Penny Baker Club?
  • The first part of Castle's annual two-parter airs next week, bringing Jennifer Beals on board!
Castle in 1947


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Frank lee meidere

Some flaws, yes. But the fun was worth it. I wonder what techniques the voice/accent coaches gave. Talking fast, definitely. Also a kind of clipped speech. Speaking from higher in the throat or mouth, I think, But of course, as soon as I saw the photos of the burned bodies I knew Vera and Joe weren't really dead. If the death doesn't happen on screen, or if the bodies are unrecognisable, they ain't dead. I did, however, think that the old Joe and Vera would be played by Castle and Kate made up to look old. Several quibbles, but I think the most serious was Kate's refusal to charge them with murder. Not that I think she should, but she essentially played judge and jury, which a cop isn't supposed to do. This was somewhat annoying because she had a perfectly legal out: lack of evidence. You can't convict merely on a confession, and there was no existing evidence that could prove what had happened.


Great show!! I always look forward to Castle but this was tremendous. Seeing the usual cast playing different roles was great. Many thanks to the writers. It was a pleasure not to hear vulgar language or see someone seducing someone. Bravo for a well done performance. Others should take a lesson. Well done.


If you want to hear another irishman say boyo go play bioshock and listen to atlas. I loved this ep and I welcome more themed eps.


oken when this show inevitably goes off the air. But that episode last night was absolutely indefensible. The plot was disjointed at best. The killer was never a suspect, castle and beckett just happened upon him and he lost his cool. Honestly, great shows need to stick to their guns instead of bending to trendy theme episodes. I'm the type of person who never deletes an episode of my shows (castle, white collar, suits, and grey's), but last night I cut that off as soon as it ended because it was a sad waste of a few gigs on my DVR. I really hope we didn't just see this show that I low so much jump the shark. Hopefully the always-awesome two week February episode turns it around.


Awesome episode , and many lines/metaphors that you could tie to our main charactors. I loved Castle's expression when Ryan let him drive him to the police record's warehouse. I also liked the part where Beckett caught Castle saying Kate and not Fate. Oh, and also when Vera and Joe look so unhappy and ask if they were under arrest, and KB stops and says,"why would we do that?" Slick writing with the transitions from present day to past, and how Rick drew them all into the diary and the all kind of wanted to know what happened to Vera and Joe. Neat-O episode. Love to see them do one of these a year, with Castle narrating at the keyboard!
Neat direction!


I really was stunned when I finished this episode. I have defended this show to my friends, pointing out that the writers are poking fun at cheesy cop show moments by integrating them into castle with the rapier wit that each of the characters posses. I have defended the elongated timetable for a relationship, since great things take time. I will be heartbr


As for me.. I so very much loved the show this week, I found my self glued to it... writers did a fantastic job...going back and forth from present time to back in time.The acting to was very very good. There where allot of funny moments and very smart writing. Can't wait for next week show.... Still have that smile on my face....


Didnt dig it too much, did not like the accents, joe/vera was a sweet love story, but I would rather see advancement of castle and beckett. However, looking forward to the next two episodes!


one thing for the reviewer: Castle wasn't trying to get Ryan to say "Boyle." Rather, it was "boyo" because that's actually Irish lingo. Just a correction :)


I am so glad I did not miss this episode - it was fantastic - loved loved the role playing all of the characters did - his mother/secretary was terrific - but they all were - just a good all-around fun time.

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