Castle Round Table: "Pandora"

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Castle and Beckett tangled with the CIA and ended up getting tossed off a pier, while locked in their car, on the first part of this hit's annual two-hour episode. Will "Pandora" be a walk in the park compared to Beckett's reaction to Castle's former muse? 

Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, and Christine Orlando talk cliffhangers and romantic possibilities in this week's Castle Round Table.


So, were Castle and Sophia romantically involved and if so, will he tell Beckett?
Chandel: I am really interested to know the truth, so I hope he tells Beckett the truth soon. If you ask me, it was definitely romantic on some level!

Jim: Betting they had a fling, she wanted it causal and Rick (being the romantic) fell for his Muse. But when he told her, she broke his heart. This would explain a bit about why he is so guarded about opening up to Kate. My writer instincts say part of it will slip and after everything is done Rick will sit down and tell her the whole story.

Courtney: Something definitely happened, too much chemistry not to have! I think Rick sees Kate's jealousy so he will admit to her to be honest.

Christine: Ooh. I like Jim's theory. I'll be shocked if they hadn't slept together given the way they interact and that he followed her or a year. If Castle doesn't give Kate the full story in part 2 I'll be very disappointed.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene?
Chandel: Beckett driving with Castle, expressing her displeasure with Castle about Sophia and her not being the only women he'd ever shadowed. There was some real Beckett feelings coming out there. They keep getting more and more comfortable talking about their partnership, its dynamics and keeping each other honest about it, even in a limited capacity.

Jim: Kate/Rick in the trunk. Loved the reference to episode where they were handcuffed together. Rick's quick thinking on hitting the panic button was great, the fact it annoyed Kate made it even funnier.

Courtney: The first time they got the bags over their heads. I had no idea what was happening and I loved it!

Christine: So many fun moments. I loved Beckett saying she wasn't about to get rescued by his girlfriend when they were in the trunk. Then Kate finally finding the nerve to ask Castle about his relationship with Sophia while they're in the park. You could tell she was really struggling. I can't make my mind up between the two scenes.

Is Castle right to be concerned about Alexis working with Lanie?
Chandel: No, Alexis has proven she's a big girl and she can totally handle working with Lanie.

Jim: I don't think he's worried about her safety, He just needs "his space" and Lanie working is part of that space. I'm sure he will adjust. Besides I'm rooting for Alexis to get the ME bug and become a Jr. ME so she can be on the show more!

Courtney: He is right to be concerned because he is her father. He sees how dangerous it can be and wants to protect Alexis from it. It's one thing to know about a murder scene, another thing to see it.

Christine: I thought he'd be more upset about his little girl going to crime scenes but it looks like he's afraid of her hearing things he'd rather keep private, like his spat with Beckett. News of which quickly made its way back to Martha which was very funny.  Looks like he's got reason to be worried. Gossip amongst the girls travels fast.

Season 2, Beckett's apartment blows up. Season 3, They're locked in a freezer. Where does this cliffhanger rank?
Chandel: I have yet to decide. I think that season 3 freezer will probably always rank highest, more for its aftermath than the actual cliffhanger itself. I am willing to wait and see what the aftermath of this one is before I make any final judgments!

Jim: Last, mainly because the "car pushed into the water" has been done to death and even Mythbuster showed that if you keep your head you can get out of a car that is sinking in water. Don't get me wrong, I would be screaming like little girl, but this is TV.

Courtney: The apartment blowing up will always be tops with me. The car driving into the water is intense but we know they will both be ok. I'd put it second between the apartment and the freezer.

Christine: So far last, but I'll withhold judgement until part two. So far my favorite was Castle frantically running to Kate's apartment before it blows up on Season 2.  And Jim...I saw that Mythbusters too. They proved that you had to hold your breath for about two minutes while submerged before the doors would open.  If you screamed, you'd drown!

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another white man being treated like crap on tv, everybody loves to bash the white man, never stops.


asdf: Good call...but did she get married? Or divorced? Could have been that Castle was the reason for her marriage failing....


What's MORE damaging is that Castle has been lying to Beckett about her mom's case. He's got that arrangement with the Mysterious Man to keep Beckett safe if she stays off her mom's case. When Beckett finds out, THAT is what will come between them. Possibly for the season finale? The car cliffhanger left me thinking, "meh". It's very escapable, but it's not like there's any real chance the two will die mid-season anyway. As to the main plot, Castle has faith in Sofia, but Beckett is suspicious of the CIA's motives here. If he's so evil, why didn't Thomas Gage kill Castle and Beckett? The story as it stands is a little too straightforward. I'm expecting a face/heel turn. The linchpin theory is obviously utter BS, but that's par for the course in this kind of show. It's obvious one of the writers recently read their Malcolm Gladwell. They needed something BIG, and WMDs have been done already. It's creative. Don't over-think it.


Sofia is described by Castle as "Sofia Turner" and while she doesn't disagree, she never uses her own name. She's credited as "Sofia Conrad". So I think she's gotten married in the interim. Hence clearing her out of the way of permanently damaging the Castle/Beckett relationship. I'm not sure what their prior relationship was, and any answer can be interesting from a plot perspective. Jennifer Beal's performance has been outstanding. She established an immediate chemistry with Nathan Fillion that was even better than Alyssa Milano's. My only complaint is that this is yet another missed opportunity to use Morena Baccarin, who was even better than Stana at generating electricity with Nathan, and which would have generated colossal buzz on the geeky fansites. Having Morena clash with Nathan would have been, in its own way, a much deeper threat to Caskett and better way to arouse Beckett's jealousy than the affectionate nostalgia we're getting.


yeah it's just the writers trying to push Caskett jealous and failing. I remember Castle made some comment about Josh and she told him none of your business pretty quick.
I'd love to see Rick do the same to Kate, "hey it's an old relationship, personal and none of your business"
About another muse , well it's not unreasonable to ask but being all jealous about it being >10 years old. Well I'd tell Kate to grow the bleep up, she wasn't even on the scene then.


1. I think it's the reverse of Jim's theory. I'm thinking Castle either wasn't interested OR wanted something casual, and Sophia was more in love. Castle's a handsome bachelor - I find it highly improbable that he's always on the pining side of the relationship. 2. My favourite was the car scene. I liked when Beckett said she wasn't upset and Castle responded with, "Then what are you?" I like when he shows that kind of annoyance and edge in his voice. He loves her but he's not afraid to call her out on stuff. 3. I kind of agree with Castle - it's sort of his space, and he's right - it would be just as awkward if he went to teach at Alexis' school. I think it's uncomfortable for anyone when their worlds intersect unwittingly. 4. Definitely season 2. The urgency before the apartment blew up was more intense and had more time to build.


Freezer episode was my favorite but very upsetting for me to see Castle left out in the cold. I think Sophia and her gang might be the bad guys.and Gage the good guy!


1 - I definitely think Castle and Sophia had more than a business relationship and I think it's imperative that Castle explain to Kate.
2 - My favorite scene was in the trunk, especially when Kate was digging for the tire iron. I love to see them in close quarters these days!
3 - I think Castle is concerned that Alexis will know too much of his business. As he told Kate - this is THEIR thing and I don't think he wants to share it, even with Alexis.
4 - The first 2 parter is still my favorite so far, but I have a LOT of unanswered questions after Pandora and might change my mind after I see how it all plays out.


You are a good stirrer Maka. Tell us what shows you like???? When Beckett was questioning Castle about the units of cohesion. His reply was, that he would let that slide in the interest of national security. Beckett agreed also. Last season, she would have beem up in arms over it.


castle is one of the best shows in recent years and i love watching it,but i dont understand people who for some reason dont like the show and put it down with there comments why the hell do you watch it ok we know you hate beckett but most real castle fans love her.

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