Castle Round Table: "Pandora"

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Castle and Beckett tangled with the CIA and ended up getting tossed off a pier, while locked in their car, on the first part of this hit's annual two-hour episode. Will "Pandora" be a walk in the park compared to Beckett's reaction to Castle's former muse? 

Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, and Christine Orlando talk cliffhangers and romantic possibilities in this week's Castle Round Table.


So, were Castle and Sophia romantically involved and if so, will he tell Beckett?
Chandel: I am really interested to know the truth, so I hope he tells Beckett the truth soon. If you ask me, it was definitely romantic on some level!

Jim: Betting they had a fling, she wanted it causal and Rick (being the romantic) fell for his Muse. But when he told her, she broke his heart. This would explain a bit about why he is so guarded about opening up to Kate. My writer instincts say part of it will slip and after everything is done Rick will sit down and tell her the whole story.

Courtney: Something definitely happened, too much chemistry not to have! I think Rick sees Kate's jealousy so he will admit to her to be honest.

Christine: Ooh. I like Jim's theory. I'll be shocked if they hadn't slept together given the way they interact and that he followed her or a year. If Castle doesn't give Kate the full story in part 2 I'll be very disappointed.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene?
Chandel: Beckett driving with Castle, expressing her displeasure with Castle about Sophia and her not being the only women he'd ever shadowed. There was some real Beckett feelings coming out there. They keep getting more and more comfortable talking about their partnership, its dynamics and keeping each other honest about it, even in a limited capacity.

Jim: Kate/Rick in the trunk. Loved the reference to episode where they were handcuffed together. Rick's quick thinking on hitting the panic button was great, the fact it annoyed Kate made it even funnier.

Courtney: The first time they got the bags over their heads. I had no idea what was happening and I loved it!

Christine: So many fun moments. I loved Beckett saying she wasn't about to get rescued by his girlfriend when they were in the trunk. Then Kate finally finding the nerve to ask Castle about his relationship with Sophia while they're in the park. You could tell she was really struggling. I can't make my mind up between the two scenes.

Is Castle right to be concerned about Alexis working with Lanie?
Chandel: No, Alexis has proven she's a big girl and she can totally handle working with Lanie.

Jim: I don't think he's worried about her safety, He just needs "his space" and Lanie working is part of that space. I'm sure he will adjust. Besides I'm rooting for Alexis to get the ME bug and become a Jr. ME so she can be on the show more!

Courtney: He is right to be concerned because he is her father. He sees how dangerous it can be and wants to protect Alexis from it. It's one thing to know about a murder scene, another thing to see it.

Christine: I thought he'd be more upset about his little girl going to crime scenes but it looks like he's afraid of her hearing things he'd rather keep private, like his spat with Beckett. News of which quickly made its way back to Martha which was very funny.  Looks like he's got reason to be worried. Gossip amongst the girls travels fast.

Season 2, Beckett's apartment blows up. Season 3, They're locked in a freezer. Where does this cliffhanger rank?
Chandel: I have yet to decide. I think that season 3 freezer will probably always rank highest, more for its aftermath than the actual cliffhanger itself. I am willing to wait and see what the aftermath of this one is before I make any final judgments!

Jim: Last, mainly because the "car pushed into the water" has been done to death and even Mythbuster showed that if you keep your head you can get out of a car that is sinking in water. Don't get me wrong, I would be screaming like little girl, but this is TV.

Courtney: The apartment blowing up will always be tops with me. The car driving into the water is intense but we know they will both be ok. I'd put it second between the apartment and the freezer.

Christine: So far last, but I'll withhold judgement until part two. So far my favorite was Castle frantically running to Kate's apartment before it blows up on Season 2.  And Jim...I saw that Mythbusters too. They proved that you had to hold your breath for about two minutes while submerged before the doors would open.  If you screamed, you'd drown!

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Not that I think Castle and Turner should get together again. Jennifer Beals, who I absolutely admire for her work in The Chicago Code, deserves her own show, and if Season 4 Castle made one iota of sense the writers would realize a CIA officer having an affair of that sort would be a security risk.


Sorry, but why? Why does Castle need to do anything? He's made his feelings clear. He's told Beckett that he loves her, and has pushed for some kind of confirmation, only to be rebuffed. There's nothing Beckett has done or said that suggests to Castle that she returns his feelings. Castle doesn't need to do a damn thing. He doesn't owe Beckett anything. And seriously, he's a grown man. He had a relationship with another woman a decade ago where there most certainly were feelings. The relationship may have ended on a less than ideal note, but it's apparent that some of those feelings still exist. Castle doesn't need to remain tethered to a woman with whom he's not in a relationship with for her sake. That ain't healthy.


Castle needs to settle some questions in Kate's mind,like what happened between Sophia and him. She needs to know she can trust him. Castle needs to shed a light to his life. I wonder if the second part doesn't let us know he's done with Sophia. Remembering Kate's one writer girl comment. THe apartment blowing up, and Rick concern for Kate was my favorite so far with double episodes. I am still waiting for her to respond to Castle about his love for her, or bring up the way Rick rubbed the back of her hand with the dog episode "An Embarassment of Bitches." Also from that episode, Rick didn't even look twice at Hilarie Burton's role, which he normally does when a beatiful woman come into the mystery/precinct. Rick never even checked her out... don't think that Kate didn't notice that?


Maka - You're right that everyone is entitled to their opinion but you really seem to dislike the show. I'll admit I don't always love everything about it and it has its flaws but I still think it's a great show and I enjoy it. I don't understand watching a show that you seem to dislike so much.


Shelly, lets just say this. As somebody who watched the show from the first season, the state of the show as it stands is immensely disappointing. But sure. If you want to completely dismiss the opinions of dissenters so you can ignore arguments that the show really might now be that good, go for it.


No on to my answers: I can't imagine Rick Castle following a woman for a year & not sleeping with her but then again he's followed Beckett around for 3 years so who knows. Beckett being bothered enough by Sophia to start asking questions was great. She needs to get answers from him if she's ever going to get over her insecurity about him getting bored & moving on if she sleeps with him. Castle was cute when he got all bothered about Alexis interrupting his unit cohesion. Alexis & Lanie could make quite the duo which is probably what Castle is worried about. Kate's apartment blowing up & Castle's frantic run to save her was the best ending of a part 1 but I didn't like the way they concluded it in part 2. I wanted more drama & they went for humor. I can't wait for Monday to see this cliffhanger's conclusion.


I’ll never understand posters like Maka who hate a show but watch just to bash it. I can't imagine wasting my time on a show I dislike so much. I've never watched Castle expecting a tutorial on police procedure. I watch for the fun, great characters & wonderful chemistry. Enough of my rant.


Beckett is the worst Detective in a history of terrible television detectives. Seriously, that scene where she's walking around the second victim's house hurt my brain. I guess Castle naturally emits a stupidity inducing aura, that makes formerly competent detectives to spend more time on hair products and high heels and less time on actual police work. Lanie may very well take the cake for the worst ME in a history of TV MEs, as well. Gee, Lanie, you think it's totally normal for the unis to not have secured your crime scene before you get there? You are an idiot. This episode was trash. Kind of like the last two parter.


This "linchpin" business is utter nonsense. There is no kind of "silver bullet"/"magic pill" which can affect social change, let alone geopolitical change. All this bluster about "THE END OF TEH WORLD OH NOES!!!11!!" is just hot air. Beckett, you have no bloody business being jealous of your not-boyfriend's romantic or sexual history with another woman. What did you think he was before, a monk? You turned him down, so you can't say anything if somebody else happens to think a guy who looks like Nathan Fillion is actually quite a catch. I'm guessing Castle screwed up something of Turner's way back when. Hence the whole whitewashing business. Of course, knowing Marlowe, it'd be something about LUUUUURRRRVVV, and I will puke.


When the car went over the pier I'm screaming at the TV "unbuckle your seat belts NOW" .... yes I watch too much Mythbusters too!

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