Downton Abbey Season 3 Scoop: The Future of Mr. Bates

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Downton Abbey only just wrapped up its second season in America, but already fans are anxious for answers concerning season three. When will it pick up? What will be the fate of various characters?

In a recent Q&A with PBS viewers, actor Brendan Coyle at least offered a couple hints regarding his popular character of Mr. Bates.

"He begins season three in prison," Coyle simple said, adding: I can't say anymore, honestly."

Bates on Trial

It's already known, however, that Shirley MacLaine will be joining the cast as Lady Grantham's mother, a casting choice Coyle raved about.

"Her scenes are brilliant and I can assure you she will be a dazzling addition to Downton Abbey," he said.

Season three begins filming this spring and will air in Great Britain before the year is through. It won't come to PBS, however, until early 2013.

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I think Downton Abbey is one of the best series ever - and my friends agree.
I would like to see Mary settled - and Bates get out of prison - where he doesn't delong because we all know he didn't kill his wicked wife. In fact, I suspect I do know who killed her.


Please oh please bring the third season to the US as soon as possible!!! I don't think I can make it until 2013, I'm seriously addicted. I LOVE Downton Abbey - it is so well done and the script, along with the acting, is beyond brilliant.


Totally addicted to this series. Wonderfully cast and Maggie Smith's one liners are superb!


2013!? Are you kiddin' me? That's messed up. I can't wait that long to see what happens to Bates or if Matthew ends up dead before marrying Mary.


Please, please bring on season 3 soon I am addicted cant wait until 2013!!


Brilliant show. The acting and story line is superb. What a shame the United States can't produce such shows instead of these awful reality shows and not much else worth watching. Well in all fairness The Good Wife and Harry are well done.


Like so many others. I am enthralled with the characters, situations, Julian Fellowes' script, the fantastic interplay between characters, and the presentation which helps the viewer understand that scenes are happening simultaneously, as opposed to "in flashback". The ending of Season 2 left a multitude of scenarios for Season 3, and beyond - Bates & Anna, Bates or Thomas as valet, Lady Sybil's baby & Branson's political involvement, Mary & Matthew, Lady Edith, Ethel and her baby - will they take her back as a housemaid, and....
I, too, could not wait for the end of Season 2, and purchased both Season 1 & 2, and the companion book from PBS. There were only two weeks left in the season, so I re-watched all the preceding episodes so the whole story was fresh in my mind. Since the season ended I have watched it all again several times, and have had a friend over for a "Downton Abbey marathon viewing". Can't wait for Season 3 to be available for view and purchase. To all - do support your PBS stations to help assure continued viewing opportunities for all!


where can I buy the 3rd season of Downton Abbey? please let me know - thank you


tell me wat happned to Mr Bates
Trust he came out on top


I have never been so rivvited to a tv show as much as I have been with Dawnton Abbey...not even with Brideshead or Upstairs Downstairs. Firstly, the stories, sets and costumes are magnificent...the cast is beyond belief...their characterizations are brilliant. I don't know how I'm going to endure the wait 'til 2013. Please show them all again from season 1 I could watch this program over and over again. Thank you PBS and BBC.

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