Fringe Return Promo: Help Me Get Back Home

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Fringe is on a four-week hiatus. That's the bad news.

But consider the positives, viewers:

  1. When the series returns, it will air eight consecutive new episodes.
  2. Producer Joel Wyman has teased the first of those installments, titled “A Short Story About Love," as the "perfect vision" of a Fringe episode.

Check out the official Fox preview for it now and join in the debate on last Friday's "The End of All Things." What did you think of where the show left us?

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In reply to "Mistake"......NO ONE has been given the "special" treatment. They all give each other the same amount of credit even when doing interviews without one another & as far as you saying Anna & John are working hard on the show while Josh goes & films a movie....I think you have forgotten that JOSH didn't write this show therefore it wasn't him that created Peter to have the one part & as far as Josh going to film a movie, its because he has been an actor almost all of his life so he is known & well liked & his work well appreciated by writers & creators therefore cast in many roles. Just because an actor is in a TV series does not mean they have to turn down other offers. If an actor is good at his work, he will be offered other jobs. And Anna & John are both from Australia & not well known in the states & if you knew anything about Fringe, you would know that the creators themselves picked the 2 of them because they wanted the parts to be played by actors that were NOT famous. So for you to disrespect Josh which is very much a huge part of making Fringe what it is today is just plain sad! True Fringe fans appreciate the trio & also knows that without the 3 of them..this show would not have come as far as it has.


If you go to Vamcouver next week a question for the cast: Last summer the entire promotion was around Jackson , and his being so important, Peter has been made central at the expense of Olivia and Walter, the brilliant Anna Torv and John Noble have been asked to serve Jackson, especially Olivia has been reduced to Peters girl since 3.10, So with all these sacrifices how do Anna and John feel that Josh Jackson has a special superstar treatment so that he signed a filmcontract in october/november 2011 (when they were writing 11/12) for a film he is currently shooting, while Anna and John are working hard on Fringe, where he gets his credibility and attention from, and that for him the schedule has been changed. I think his behaviour is not only diva but shows no respect for his costars, as he is the one profiting from the hard work and the talent of Torv and Noble.

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