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I want to like the show but I am tatting tired of 3 years of sexual tention and month long breaks in the middle of the year.


Great episode. Olivia's activation scene was amazing. Peter's expressions in September's mind were amazing. Jones is immune to gun shots to the head!

I too was confused as to why Broyles and Lincoln didn't try to suss out if Nina was from the redverse (like if Nina was somewhere else at the same time "she" accessed the lab).


What did we learn? That Peter is important (and apparently he is "The Boy"). Peter was supposed to be cured in the Red Verse, BUT he was also supposed to always end up with our Olivia and Henry was supposed to be their son. I still think this Olivia might be our Olivia, but now I am waffling on it. The Observers are. . .what. . . descendents of Peter and Olivia? That was kind of confusing to me (could have been all the tears I was crying at the time).

Joshua Jackson's face when he saw Henry and when he was looking at his Olivia in September's mind. . .Fuck all, Joshua Jackson needs to win all the awards forever and ever.

Oh hell, Peter and Olivia are going to have a Henry at some point, aren't they? Maybe even a little tribe of Bishops? Excuse me while I go weep with sadness over this episode and joy for the potential awesomeness of future episodes. I don't know what to do with all these feelings!


I loved tonight's show. I am still in shock, I cannot believe Peter walked away from his Olivia. I may be wrong but I agree I think he is in his timeline, however, the people are different because they evolved without him.
I think he just had to believe he was home and he would be there. I think if he had just kissed Olivia and they became the couple September spoke of, all would be well in the blueverse! Please Please Please.. do NOT cancel this show! It is the best show on TV! Period.


This is a television show so it should come as no surprise that we must wait even longer to see them together. September's explanation for his mistake is interesting but at the same time confusing because you wonder how Peter would have met our Olivia if he was cured on the other side leaving our Walter with no reason to go over there. I think this is his world as well, everytime he tried to talk about his world September cut him off even if he didn't correct him. You can understand Peter's reluctance though, he has to be sure. Still with a probable eight episodes before the end of Fringe you hope the writers don't take too long to get where we all hope their going.

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