Glee Episode Trailer: Valentine's Day!

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Only two episodes remain of Glee before it takes a hiatus until the spring. Can it rediscover its magic before then?

Based on a majority of comments, I was not the only viewers disappointed by the ridiculousness randomness of "The Spanish Teacher."

On next Tuesday's installment, meanwhile, love will be in the hallways of William McKinley. What else would you expect from an outing that actually airs on Valentine's Day? Look for Will to challenge the group to come up with the most romantic songs possible; for Santana and Brittany to kiss; and to meet Rachel's two dads.

Watch the official Fox promo for "Heart" now:

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Well it's been hard enough to tolerate the gay agenda being shoved down my throat, but now I'm supposed to believe that because their liberal religious group says “Love is Love� that it actually is okay. Well, it isn’t okay. I don’t want to see like sexed couples kissing. I liked the show’s music, and so tolerated the gay agenda, but they went too far on St. Valentines Day, and now it is no longer welcome in my house. It’s out with all the other trash…The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, etc. Whatever happened to shows like Frasier, Cheers, and Mash…time to pick up a book.


I agree Ana. I don't think he honestly likes the show. There are positives to be said about each episode but he fails to mention them most of the time. He's forgotten it's a comedy and a show about teenagers. I'm also tired with reading his depressing, moody reviews.


Me too, this is my favorite site to read spoilers and reviews of all my favorite TV shows, and I don't like reading Glee reviews because it is always negative, I think that he doesn't like the show that is why writes all bad things, he is too focus on stupid details.. Im done reading Glee reviews here.


@StBob: YES! I was actually just thinking the same thing.
I have the equivalent of a love affair/obsession with Glee and every week I come here (and to several other places) to read reviews to see what everyone else thinks. Quite honestly, I'm tired of only reading negatives, especially from here. There's good things to be found in every episode, but it's like everyone is just too focused on the bad things. Honestly, there has only been one episode of Glee, EVER, that I didn't like, and that was in season 2: Night of Neglect. I even enjoyed this year's Christmas episode because, to me, it accomplished what it set out to do:
1. I felt better after watching it.
2. It made me laugh.
I'll probably still visit this site for Vampire Diaries (which hardly ever gets bad reviews... hm) and any spoilers that haven't already been posted elsewhere, but I'm definitely done with the Glee reviews. All the negativity really kills the mood.


actually what happened is that the people who like Glee stopped reading your reviews and commenting.

Glee Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

No single people allowed. They're sad. They're boring. And they don't exist in my world.


Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff when you're rich.