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Oof. I'm a die-hard Gleek, but this week was just painful to watch. It was a complete and utter train wreck from start to finish. If I bleach my brain as often as Ricky Martin has bleached his teeth is there any hope that I can erase this episode from memory?




I'm confused because Will was an okay Spanish teacher in Season 1 and now he can hardly form a coherent sentence? Holy plot device to bring in Ricky Martin! The joke wasn't that he was a crap Spanish teacher but that we never really got to see him teach it except here and there in Season 1! It was a funny episode though. The Sue wanting a baby thing didn't come out of nowhere considering her sister's death and now she has nobody. She was miserable during the Christmas episode. I'm sure she will be adopting a kid or something since she has no uterus. Emma kicked ass, though. And Santana was cruel to be kind which is just the way I like her.


I love reading the review and all of the Gleek comments prior to actually watching the episode.

I often see many comments telling Matt to take Glee simply as a comedy and it ought to be reviewed differently. I don't exactly get what that argument means because even the best comedies, such as Modern Family or The Office, don't lack in the continuity or logic department.

Honestly, I watch Glee only for the tunes now while frequently rolling my eyes during any non-singing moment. This show is almost a joke now. It really just is not what it used to be anymore.


Now I remember why I don't watch this show anymore. This, or Gossip Girl. Two shows that have completely gone off the rails.


This show is getting sillier by the episode. It's one thing for a show to be about fun and uplifting people, but it's a completely different thing to have to suspend disbelief completely in order to watch the show. Will being allowed to teach Spanish so long without knowing the difference between "muy" and "mas"...these sorts of things wouldn't happen in a real school, no matter how bad the state of education is in any public school district across the country.

I just wish Glee would treat its audience a little more intelligently. Kudos to Matt for being an honest reviewer each week, because it would be an absolute shame if Ryan Murphy & co. kept getting away with these horrible storylines.


OK, let's face it--if Ricky Martin wasn't guest-starring, the ep would have flopped completely, but ooooooooooooo child....I needed a cigarette and a cold shower after Ricky's scenes. :-)

I suppose the ep had its moments ("A baby?!!! With whose vagina?!?!?"; pamphlet entitled "Please don't hog my fiancee's nog"; the twist in Emma getting the tenured position), but they were few and far between.

As for Nene, she can go now. Her diatribe last night was RI-DONK-ULOUSLY over-the-top--must we be subjected to "the real PE teacher of Lima"?


the only things that I enjoyed about this episode was, La Isla bonita and as will the choreography that Nene's had put together it was kinda funny and she slowly overthrows Sue from my ONCE BEST CHARACTERS IN GLEE ... And what is Rory still doing there I mean if I was Damian I would be long gone from Glee 'coz It gives him Nothing but crap... I mean what's with the non-sence... Mercedes/Sam/Shane love triangle? Shuester that been teaching Spanish for who knows how long and doesn't even know how to speak the language ? Sue wanting a baby while she is OLD if she wants a baby she can adopt one... Still, I kinda liked Kurts pepe talk even f like you said the staff didn't give us a glimse from there current relationship ? I'll try to watch the ext episode hoping that it will remind me of why I liked the serie in the first place


Sorry Gleeks fans but it looks like your retarder show is going down the drain this season....


Bit disappointed Sue has finally acknowledged she is older than her 20s (harvesting her eggs in the 70s), quite liked her deluding herself she was younger.
Am amazed that considering I have no idea who she is outside of the show the swim coach is fast become the best written character (dialogue-wise).
Am also amazed that considering it used to be that if the plot was bad you always had a decent song per episode to distract you, now the songs are the worst part (actually IN the show, listening WITHOUT seeing the cheesiness or highly choreographed nonsense posing as spontaneous, unrehearsed jollity can still be enjoyable every now and then). I hate this busting into song for no reason and being so polished, it's so 'High School Musical' (and I DON'T mean that as a compliment).


I quit watching this mess a long time ago but looked at your review to see if anything had changed. Obviously not. What is the chance this waste of time will be taken off?

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