Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Cross Rhodes"

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It looks like Ivy will be back in effect on Gossip Girl this month. Yay?

In the February 20 episode, "Cross Rhodes" (clever), "Dan feels honored when he learns that Upright Citizen’s Brigade is performing excerpts from his book, Inside," according to the CW's official synopsis.

Meanwhile, "Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship." Suspicions about what, we don't know exactly, but we have a feeling Humphrey may be involved somehow.

Finally, "On her way out of town, Ivy ends up on a collision course with the van der Woodsens." Hey, you knew it had to happen sooner or later. The only question is how, and whether Lola is also in the mix.

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In case anyone's unclear about the schedule, "The Backup Dan" airs Monday, with "Crazy, Cupid Love" the week after (February 13) and then "Cross Rhodes." Share your predictions with us below!

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It's a relief to find smeoone who can explain things so well


A 15 kg child sits on the edge of at 2 m radius, 200 kg merry go round. A fehtar as been getting a little carried away and has pushed it up to a tangential velocity of 8.0 m/s. With no harm being done, the child jumps off with a tangential velocity of -8.0 m/s so that he lands straight in the arms of his fehtar (effectively giving him no angular momentum). What is the final angular velocity of the merry go round?


Simple: Lola is William V.D.W.'s daughter. That's why Carol is 100% freaked out by the thought of her girl meeting the New Yorkers, and why they'd "never forgive [her]" if they knew the truth. Part self-protection, part Lily-protection, all Rhodes. Also why WDVW is coming back to town later this season.


that storyline about Dair is sooooo forced! I'm so bored of this GG season..they're wasting all the best of the former seasons! I will never forget the love and passion of season 2...now everything is fake! I really hope Chair will rise and get back to the amaziness of the beginning...if there's a way GG has to end is CHAIR RULING MANHATTAN TOGETHER!! all the rest is boredom!


I dnt care what others think.. but i think Blair is a selfish bitch who used Dan for her convenience and threw him... dunno what he finds in a selfish pig like her... and why does dan have to answer chuck of all ppl// hes the most arrogant pompous jerk ard... somewhere blair brought this upon herself and maybe she deserves it.. i can only wish if dan and serena can find a way back to each other like season 1. they were really cute back then but then the writers ruined it... if that fire is reignited it wud be very nice.. I still maintain Dan is the most givin and he DESERVES the appreciation and true love (NOT VANESSA... but Serena)... i dnt care abt CHAIR... its snoozefest and most boring


kiss is fake blair would never hurt serena like that duh


Chair? Huh I'm sick and tired of it! Chuck and Blair do not even look good together any more and they aren't even friends! I like them BUT NEVER TOGETHER! Blair and Dan are meant to be together just give us that already -.-


Dair? huh im sick and tired of it! Dan and Blair they look good but just as friends! i like them BUT NOT TOGETHER! Blair and Chuck are meant to be together just give us that already -.-


i beleive the van der woodsens would find out about Carols and Ivys plot and Carol might get disowned from the family or arrested


I dont think the writer is sick...He just doesn't want to show his face...

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