Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "The Princess Dowry"

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"The Princess Dowry" airs February 27 on the CW. It's the 17th Gossip Girl episode of Season 5, following "Crazy Cupid Love" (February 13) and "Cross Rhodes" (February 20). What goes down on the 27th?

According to the CW's official synopsis:

  • Blair (Leighton Meester) thinks Cyrus (Wallace Shawn, who does not appear in the episode) may have found a potential loophole in her prenup.
  • Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) decide to partner up in a scheme, but it has an unpredictable outcome.
  • Meanwhile, a family crisis brings William van der Woodsen (Baldwin) back to the Upper East Side. '

What do you think brings William back, and what are Chuck and Georgina up to? Will Blair find a way out of the ridiculous dowry conundrum just as quickly as it was introduced? Comment below!


This Chuck photo is from the Feb. 20 episode. We'll post pics from "The Princess Dowry" when they come out!

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I really have a problem with the dowry / wedding story. The loophole is "Blair is married in US and not in Monaco". Her best options is to be Blair Waldorf. If she treats people from Monaco like Humphrey. The people will get rid of her. Then some leaks in the press about how she dislikes Louis and it will the "fall of the Bastille" in Monaco. She can leak the contract in the press too. It will be funny to see people reaction. Or C, she calls here. We offer her asylum and then we go in court of justice of Europe in Luxembourg. I'm pretty sure the dowry clause is illegal. First the court will say "the separation the State and the Church means this marriage is void".


@Anonymous I guess you're right about the impostor story. By putting in something like that the writers directly admit that they screwed up the characters big time. If Chuck and Georgie sleep together, it's going to be so Jenny Humphrey. The writers better don't go this road again. I'm pretty sure they'll find something else about as ridiculous to keep chair apart. Chuck paying Blair's dowry off seems very possible to me. Not sure how Dan will play in if he gets really exposed with that wedding video.


Scenario 1:
The prenup is void if cheating is involved (Blair kissing Dan). Chuck founds out and hooks up with G out of desperation. Cue, an obstacle a la him and Jenny Humphrey.
Scenario 2 (which a user mentioned): Chuck will pay off the dowry, Blair will get pissed and throw him sh*t, Dan will be there to comfort her and they will get together despite the fact that Blair is full blown psychotic, the paps will see, cue Chuck doing something stupid,


@Meep Gossip Girl is pretty predictable. @dover and @Uncle Jackass That would be a good storyline, but that's probably too good for the show's terrible writing. @Elizabeth Blair is nowhere near Scarlett O'Hara, much less so this season where she's so whiny and pathetic. She does deserve to be alone, though.


Blair is equal to Scarlett O'Hara of Gone with the Wind
So it must end alone!


@ Uncle Jackass: I can't believe the day has come that a rediculous imposter storyline would make me much happier then the crap that is going on on the show. Here's hoping your theory is true and that Blair wasn't the only one replaced. Everyone acts off. So unhappy about the Chuck storyline. Is Blair the only reason for his existance anymore? The kids don't go to college and Chuck doesn't go to work anymore. WTF?? I can't wait for Jack, but I almost fear that the writers will turn him into a bore too.

Uncle jackass

Well, with all this accusation that Blair is a shell of her former shelf or acting out of character, perhaps the TWIST is that this 'Blair' is an imposter!! lol!! Name: Olga Waldorf!! Actor played by: Leighton Meeter.


Well the unpredictable outcome can't be that he sleeps with Georgina as we are all predicting that crap.

Still love chuck

I feel like Blair should have never signed a prenup in the first place without Cyrus and/or Harold looking at it first... so OOC. The real Blair is too smart for that. As for Chuck scheming with Georgie, IA it will be something that continues to keep him and Blair apart.


@Dr Holland The writers aren't making Dan look any better, especially with the video leak crap. If anything, they'll use this as yet another excuse/obstacle for Chair, it could be another Jenny/Chuck situation if that's the unpredictable outcome. @Chrys Blair has become a whiny pathetic character now, she should revert back to her old self.

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