Gossip Girl Photos: A Day at the Dairport

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Gossip Girl's 101st episode features Blair on the run after this week's "G.G." wedding fiasco. What can we expect from a princess bride on the lam? A whole lot of scenes with her trusty, dutiful partner in crime, Dan.

Dan whisks Blair off to the airport, as you can see in the image below, following their getaway from her royal reception. Will he confess his romantic feelings for her or simply continue to be her best friend and protector?

Either way, "The Backup Dan" will be interesting to watch:

A Runaway Bride!

Executive producer Josh Safran told TV Line that this on-location shoot “was a really complicated, but super fun, big, great set piece” that yields “some of the best comedy we’ve ever done. [It's] very funny.”

What is their destination? Who knows. They're clearly winging it as they go.

Blair's rocking an I Heart NY t-shirt (we love the look on her), so she apparently thought the wedding dress was a bit conspicuous. This episode definitely has the potential for laughs, romance and drama.

Chuck and Georgina are still in the mix, as well, as we know from previously-released pictures. Check out the promo and complete gallery of Gossip Girl photos from "The Backup Dan", then comment below:

A Dan and Blair Photo
Dan and Blair at the Airport
A Dan and Blair Photo
Cute Blair Pic
Blair Hearts NY
Off to the Airport
Chuck and Georgina Pic
Chair Post-Wedding Photo!
Blair Post-Wedding

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Ok! I don't think that this show is going to last long enough for the writers to be able to win over the majority of the GG audience with a Dair romance. The writers have spent to much time putting all of their writing and focus towards the chair. If the show ends next season then everyone pretty much knows that Blair isn't just going to turn around and run after Dan. No way! She'll end up with Chuck. So that being the case this is what us Dair fans deserve. We deserve for Penn and Leighton to make a movie together after Gossip Girl because they are the true romantic comedy love story that should have been told that wasn't.


Awww I had my DAIR shot for the day !! Sweet ! (But I want more :) !)


what a stupid idea, to let us waiting for, being chuk and blair finally together!!
dan & blair are really cute as BF, but seriously? you can't say, you never seem the romance&chemistry between blair&chuck.. SO: CHAIR ALL THE WAY!!!


First of all, Chuck needs to change his hairstyle and stop talking like he's whispering... Maybe then he'll have a chance with the writers.
Anyways, I think that Chair was once a great couple (I've always rooted for the underdog, like Nate, Dan, even Louis at one point). But now Chair interaction only includes "I can't be with you", "let's run away together", "I've made a pact with God", "I can't stand seeing you with someone else". Like literally rinse and repeat. Maybe they should do an episode where they reconnect as FRIENDS first. The reason why Dair works out is because they're friends. And even if they won't ever be romantic, people love watching them because they're funny and lighthearted.
I'm getting sick of this soap opera Chair shit. Bring back the good ol' Chair banter and maybe GG will have less complaints.


Sorry about my english..
I can't understand why chuck has to be always "the bad guy", don't know either how many efforts or good acts has to do to demonstrate his real change. Dair will be just a fake of relationship to sum up to the fact that we could saw perfectly during the first season who had to be with each. To blair, dan is her best friend not a soulmate. The only reason we will see them toguether is to extend the season and please to all the viewers. Everybody knows how will end.sooner rather than later. there's no way but Chair. the chemistry, the story, they belong its other like none before.


Alright here how it will end(my guess) right now things are not very great between Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena..Dan and Blair are like really good friends and things are going good between'em so Dan and Blair will get together and be in a real girl friend boy friend relationship for i dont know how long but at soon as things go back to normal and things settle down between Dan and Serena and Chuck and Blair the the two will give it(their relationship) a thought and will finally realise and that they never loved each other they both love different people and that the circumstances brought'em in a relationship and not LOVE and that they can always be close friends but nothing more...And so Dan will got to his love(Serena) and Blair will got her love(Chuck)and that's how it will END!!

Dr hollis

Pat: Here's where things stand. Blair loves Chuck, but does not trust him (yet). She trusts Dan, but does not love him (yet). Either she'll grow to love Dan, or she'll start trusting Chuck again. Trust has always been Chair's major issue, even WAY before the hotel thing. But in the very beginning, before they hooked up, Chuck and Blair did have trust and mutual understanding *as friends.* Now, Chair haters argue that's all lost... after all, Dan and Vanessa seem to have ruined a lifelong friendship. But even if Dair is endgame and they marry and have little Humphrey muppet babies, Chuck will always be Blair's friend, and she'll always be his family. With this silly God pact, she's proving her words in the train station in Paris -- he'll always be part of her world. Whether fighting, lovers, or friends, Chair is a package deal. That's canon, no matter how you slice it.


Chuck and Blair belong together.


They both look cute together. And I agree with @TinaTrina. I don't think that in this episode Dan will confess his feelings for her. But I think Safran said that eventually he will tell her.


As a Chair and Chuck, to say that he has nothing to be sorry for is ridiculous! Him selling her for a hotel was the catalyst for the destruction of their relationship and it took him until now apologize for it, if Chair happens how can Blair ever be sure he won't do it again? She won't you can all say Chuck is a change man now but Blair though that when they are in a relationship before! Chuck will just have to live with the fact that that single act of stupidity may follow him around forever, as should! Forgiveness does equal forgetting or trust!

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