Gossip Girl Photos From "Cross Rhodes"

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The CW has released a number of photos from the February 20 episode of Gossip Girl, "Cross Rhodes."

The episode is the 16th of the season and follows next week's installment, "Crazy Cupid Love."

In "Cross Rhodes," as the title implies, Ivy ends up on a collision course with the van der Woodsens.

Meanwhile, Dan feels honored when he learns that Upright Citizen’s Brigade is performing excerpts from his book, and Blair tries to prove Serena’s suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship.

What do you think will happen? Click to enlarge the Gossip Girl photos from this episode below ...

Lily Humphrey Pic
Serena and Blair in the Street
S and B in NYC
The Princess Still in Peril?

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I am alot happier now then I was before the 100th episode I'm enjoying having georgina back she is so funny and donut well what can I say all the hype about the airport and exploding hearts and it turned out to be nothing, this episode looks good Iv'e missed Serena and now that she has put everything out there regarding donut I can't see blair going there she may have and attraction to him they might even discuss it but at the end of the day she will always pick Serena.
@maxevans to give dair a chance I would have to stop my CHAIR beating heart and that just an't gonna happen never never never ! lol


TO CHAIR FANS: Guys give DAIR a chance. So what if Blair goes back to chuck. What interesting thing can they do next. Lets watch something NEW for a change.

Uncle jackass

From commenting from these pictures it's certainly seems that Blair is becoming a part of Dan's life. She's coming to the book reading and there's definitely some infatuated looks from this and previous episodes (e.g. crazy stupid love episode).


Finally!!! I really missed the old GG!!! Seasons 1 to 3 were the best of the show!! I miss Derena so much!!! Let's hope that the KISS on the steps of the met doesn't mean that the producers are going for a Dair official love story!!


On that note...
Blair reading 'Inside'. Yay!!


i'm already looking forward to this. i always enjoy episodes that focus on the van der woodsen's just because its something different and we rarely get it. since this show has become the blair waldorf's show.. PS Not hating on blair just saying she became the focus and forget about the others.

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