Gossip Girl Replay: Dair Kiss, Prelude & Fallout

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After all Dan has done for her, how could Blair not love him back?

That's the realization she apparently had on Monday's episode (see TV Fanatic's official Gossip Girl review for a complete breakdown) after Humphrey made his move and she did not resist his amorous advances.

It was unexpected and awesome, even if you think or hope Chair will end up together down the line. Dair is no longer just a bump in the road, but a very real relationship. Where do you think it will go next for them?

We'll surely be debating that all this week and beyond. As the dust settles from last night's bombshell, let's take a look back at three memorable Dan and Blair scenes: The prelude, the kiss, and the aftermath ...

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I used to watch GG every week, but I stop watching GG at all after Blair suddenly blow her wedding and runs to Dan. Not the relationship that bothers me, but the plot! All the characters: Blair, Dan, Chuck, Serena, Louis (which suddenly gone..what the!).. became irrational and it annoys me! Felt like watching a cheap serial movie! Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage really a failed writer! Just see GG Ratings and it proves all! I understand they just want to make more money and make this movie longer..but really you are doing a crap job in here man.. Really disappointing, GG used to become my favorite movie..now i can't watch it anymore..though tvfanatic is really great for giving me updates once in a while, seeing if the movie getting better...which became more and more disappointing..Good job GG writers!


I am loving dair at the moment! 5x16 was absolutely amazing.


I love Dan and Blair together. SO happy about their scenes together.


I do agree that this show has gotten crazy and I think I became interested in Dair because they had the wittiest dialogue, and Penn Badgley has the best delivery in my opinion. But here's hoping that everyone gets some satisfaction and lets all have good will toward each other. No need to be angry over a tv show.


Dare to Dair. The hope for this couple is the best thing about the show as of late. Chair is boring same old stale, played and just tired. Dair is fresh, hot and realistic built on a friendship. I mean honestly a women with a brain or any kind of backbone/ self respect would not be with Chuck Ass oops Bass. Dan loves Blair in a honest and healthy way and there is nothing honest or healthy about Chair. Another thing Leighton and Penn are the best actors on the show imo.


@Meep Why would you be happy about poor writing and character assassination?


Those texts between GG and Dan are great because everything he has done, it looks like he did it because GG told him too..just wait till that comes out.


@gg So you admit that Chair fans behave this way? @Uncle Jackass That's because they're in the other article threads, along with Chair fans threatening to drop the show.

Uncle jackass

@gg, If it's any consolation, there are no "Dair to Dares'" or "Epic" in this article thread. Vent to your hearts content....


Well lookey!! Here are all those superior, highly intelligent, holier-than-thou Dair fans throwing around "endgame"/ "epic" like it's going out of style, calling Chair fans ugly spinsters and pleading with the producers to cow tow to their wishes ("dare to dair!" after every post? fo' realz?). Congrats! Your fan base is now exactly like Chair's. You no longer own the higher ground, not that you ever did, and I FCKING LOVE IT!!!!!! dare to dair dare to dair to dare to dairoti t I;m an idiot weeeeee!