Gossip Girl Replay: Dair Kiss, Prelude & Fallout

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After all Dan has done for her, how could Blair not love him back?

That's the realization she apparently had on Monday's episode (see TV Fanatic's official Gossip Girl review for a complete breakdown) after Humphrey made his move and she did not resist his amorous advances.

It was unexpected and awesome, even if you think or hope Chair will end up together down the line. Dair is no longer just a bump in the road, but a very real relationship. Where do you think it will go next for them?

We'll surely be debating that all this week and beyond. As the dust settles from last night's bombshell, let's take a look back at three memorable Dan and Blair scenes: The prelude, the kiss, and the aftermath ...

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The fallout we don't think is the dynamic with Lily-Rufus-Chuck-Dan. Dan and Chuck are stepbrothers. Chuck is treating Dan. Rufus we'll probably take side, then Lily will take side. It's a fall of domino.




to anonymous,
'encourage people to do the same' SUCH A PROVOCATOR!


@Chair Bye, encourage other people to do the same. @dk Gossip Girl is just a pile of disappointment for everyone, not just Chair fans. The ratings are sucking because the show itself sucks.


OK, this is it!! I am not watching this show, anymore!!! The End was for me, when Chair run away together. Goodbye GG!!!


ROFL reading these comments are hilarious! thank you to the sane ppl like @Shannon and @TFV168 - totally agree with you both. This show has had its ups and downs, but the last two episodes have been really good - bringing a lot of entertainment, OMFG moments and lots of DAIR! i'm so happy with the writers for bringing GG back to life. YOU DID GOOD.


Chair fans have had to put up with let down after let down. I cant believe this whole Dair thing really because the show is straying so far away from the things that made it great. The high school element worked really well and the relationships were believable. The show has some really bad writing and dialogue lately. The ratings will reflect that soon. I mean I loved Nate in season 1 and 2 now days he feels like a character that doesnt need to be in the show really.


Oh my god, will all you chair fans stop being so negative... get over it, Dan and Blair kissed. You've had plenty of chair moments in the last 5 years and you know they will probably end up together (like you go on about all the time) so just stop complaining, and let dair fans enjoy what's happening at the moment. What's with the 'i hope the show gets cancelled' and 'if dair happens i won't watch' nonsense? don't be so stubborn and childish because your not getting what you want, give the dair fans a chance to experience dan and blair together, after all we've been waiting a long time. Also, Chuck and Blair have pretty much taken over all of these seasons so stop acting like they've never had a break. Get over it, they kissed. Dan makes Blair happy.


@Roxanna I know, that dialogue is so terrible and forced, it's like they ripped it off of some cheesy hallmark greeting card.


i used to be a die hard chair-fan but through the yrs of very bad writing i kinda see that i really lost interest in them.
though last weeks writing was bad enough "chuck i will always love you, i love you every day more and more" etc. i was so surprised about this weeks turn of events and am very much looking forward to the new and possibly very interesting dair-storyline. they are so cute together, dan's personality is so adorable, he really evolved through the yrs and i don't know if chuch's truly did.