Gossip Girl Mega-Reveal: Thumbs Up or Down?

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By now, we've all seen Gossip Girl's 100th episode (or read about it by choice), right?

Just in case anyone hasn't, let us issue one giant Gossip Girl spoiler alert right here.

We good? Okay. Now ... how about that last-second reveal?! What did you think?!

Georgina Sighting!

Obviously, Blair’s emotional and romantic life remains a subject of much debate (see photos from next week for a hint at where her journey is headed), but the big story was the reveal of Gossip Girl herself.

The blogger’s identity has been hotly debated and speculated about for years now, but it took the landmark episode for the producers to unmask the person behind all the texts, blasts, and video revelations.

Georgina Sparks.

Yes, the well-known foil of Dan (having his fake baby), Serena (that whole killing thing) and Blair (too many incidents to list) has apparently been the person tormenting them from day one on the UES.

Shocked? Psyched? Disappointed? Still waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Some aren't buying it, even referring to her as “new” Gossip Girl (noting the site's demise after the e-mail hacking scandal), or positing that she's an impostor, a G.G. apprentice or some combination thereof.

On one hand, it makes perfect sense. G has a close enough connection to the action without being a direct part of it - save for her annual shindig - that she could fulfill this role, with the perfect personalty.

Who else takes such delight in taking people down, blending sarcastic snark and humor with almost sociopathic emotional detachment? One can easily imagine Georgina as Gossip Girl, come to think of it.

The logistical problem is that given all she's been though - rehab, Bible camp, Belarus, etc. - how could she pull that off without being unmasked? Or at all? There are potentially a thousand plot holes there.

Of course, that could also be spun the other way. Since the Season 2 finale, Gossip Girl has not been the point of the show until recently. She's been the narrator, sure, but involved directly in fewer scandals.

Like Georgina, she shows up intermittently and stirs the pot, while remaining on the periphery and out of the fray most of the time. Perhaps she could pull off being G.G., with the aid of others or even solo.

We are all Gossip Girl, she once cryptically pointed out.

Michelle Trachtenberg is apparently sticking around this time, so it looks like if nothing else, there's plenty more G.G. to come this spring. Are you buying it, though? Share your comments and vote below:

You tell us: Georgina as Gossip Girl ...

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Anyone who's watches gossip girl an even the people of the gossip girl world knows thy Georgina isn't the real gossip girl. Ever since the real gossip girl was shut down by ante and Serena, Georgina just took over and has so much up her sleeves to mess with everyone :). This is going to be a great story but .... But revealing gossip girl makes it seem like the shows going to end soon D: even if to was a fake I don't want gossip girl to end yet D; at all :D


I also think the writers couldn't think of another reason for bringing MT back for the 100th episode so they came up with this. They will "fix" it later, closer to the show's end. At least I hope they will.........


I don't buy Gossip Georgina for a nanosecond! It's gotta be Charlola or Nate, and the real GG is gonna take Georgina DOWN when she figures it G has been posing as her.


I love Georgina, but she isn't credible as Gossip Girl. I like the fans' idea of dread pirate Roberts, i.e. the torch gets passed from GG to GG.

Uncle jackass

I thinking the greatest 'Curve ball' in the show in the end of the series as stated by previous posters is if 'Nate Archibald' was Gossip Girl. After all, NO POSTS to Gossip Girl means either (1) He is truly a remarkable person or (2) He has a split drag-queen personality called Gossip Girl. Perhaps, he deflects that others are clearly GG (e.g. one or combination of both Jenny and Blair) because they are the obvious choices.


@Chrys I agree completely!!! I thought Lola would have made the perfect Gossip Girl! I hope that in the finale it ends up being Lola!


Majority of the characters are on the fence of not being able to pull the show back to it's original status, so I think Georgina is actually the perfect person to do it, so I do hope she sticks around. I just wish Chivy would come back, so her and Georgina can have fun.


I like Georgina as the new gossip girl, it'll probably bring more drama like season 1 and 2, she is the perfect person to be gossip girl, that last scene in the show with her literary was unexpected.


Though i don't believe Georgina is Gossip Girl, i don't think she has taken her place without permission. I think GG, like Blair, has many minions who fit Georgina's profile. UES left outs who wanna get back at the popular kids.
I strongly believe that Lola Rhodes is GG.She is a low profile, discreet girl who btw could have her reasons for tracking Serena's life all these years. And now she let Georgina do the ''dirty'' work because the time has come to penetrate the Vanderwoodsen Family (picking a weak link...sweet sweet Nate) and it'd be better if they didn't suspect her. Another thing that imo points in this direction is what Carol said to Ivy about her daughter's whereabouts (''If they knew where Charlie Rhodes is...'')...She made it sound as if sth bad had happened to her but since she's perfectly fine this could be a hint that Lola is doing sth the family would think as inappropriate.


i don't think Georgina is gossip girl, cos if she was then that would be the end of the show, because that's always been the big mystery and i'd imagine the writers would be sensible enough to make sure that the real gg was only revealed at the end of the series. so maybe she's working with the real gossip girl for now, while the real gg gets back on her feet.
anyway just what i think, could be wrong.