Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

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It was obvious from the moment it happened that the fallout from last night's unexpected Dair kiss on Gossip Girl will be severe and wide-ranging. After all, how many relationships were effectively torpedoed?

Not only the romantic intentions of Serena (who loves Dan) and Chuck (who considers Blair the love of his life), but the friendship of Blair and Serena, and to a lesser extent Dan and Chuck, will be shaken up.

In this clip from next Monday's episode, we see just how bitter Serena is at her BFF, who she feels betrayed her. Does S have a right to be mad? Or was she delusional about Dan wanting her back in the first place?

It's a complicated situation, to say the least, but Dorota is determined to force these two to make up. Watch Blair's loyal servant / confidant take charge of the situation in this amusing sneak preview clip ...

For a complete breakdown of "Crazy Cupid Love," follow the link above. Also check out a couple of promos for "Cross Rhodes" if you haven't seen those. Then discuss all things Dair, Blerena and Gossip Girl below!

Are Dan and Blair soulmates?

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Anonymous you are right. But in this episode is not about the connection between C / B, but about the end of the story between the S / D. I am a fan of S / D and I regret that the producers now killed their relationship. Those who support the C / B can hope that sooner or later they will be together again. And in this episode D is cheating S, B does not cheat C because it is already married to L. The wedding B / L is copy of the wedding Lily and Bart, we can expect that in due time the marriage will end like L / B in season 2. B will be then free to decide with whom to be, but it is my opinion that she would never marry a poor boy from Brooklyn, because she is a snob.


Oh and I'm so sure when they reveal that Diana is Chuck's aunt, they'll do it when embracing ("Thank you for saving my life with the transfusion, Aunt D") and Blair will see that and run away thinking Chuck found another love. Another dumb lame brained obstacle.


By the end of season 5 the relationship between D and B will crystallize, it is a possible link between C and S. This would close the circle, because in the end all five characters were in relation to one another in the series. This all leads to the possibility that, if will be the 6 season, the story of the series start from scratch. But one thing is certain D and S will never be together, because the story is repeated as in the 1 season when N cheated B with S, and now D is to do the same with B. S and B be forgiven and will remain friends, and S will never forgive D (because B did not do to N) and he will eventually be left alone (V and C said to him , because the writer is always standing by and watching events , alone).


Dair is cute and interesting (and DIFFERENT) but can't go anywhere. What happened to all the intrigue? Where did Rufus and Lily's love child (Aaron?) go? I thought he would be back to stir something up. Even Georgina doesn't have the spark she used to have. She seems dumber & sillier than what I remember.


And the rest of the characters who could be so interesting, they let languish and turn into Losers (with a capital L). Serena is supposed to be rich and gorgeous and kind of smart, and all she's doing is some lame blog and pining after a Muppet. Nate started out so well with becoming an editor of his own paper but now it's back to him being a hornball chasing tail. So boring! Blair is finally a princess on the international stage. I'd love to see a scene where she uses her rapier Queen Bee skills to beat some dictator into submission, she always wanted to be a powerful woman, right? We don't see her telling anyone off anymore, do we? I can't believe she let the Grimaldis get her btw.


Who cares about this show anymore. I like both Dair and Chair but what has been going on this season is beyond pathetic. I used to be so excited to see what would happen to all the characters and now it looks like everyone is going nowhere. The writers don't know how to handle the Moonlighting problem where it all gets boring once Chair is together for good. So they keep making up dumb reasons for them to stay apart.


im sorry but i keep on reading that blair is not like her season 1 self when she was queen b.....ewrrr how many years ago was that??? how old were they? i believe about 16/17 no? from what i know that puts that age right into the teenager bracket. the characters are now about 21ish. no one on this comment post can tell me they are the same person as they were when they were 16/17!!! blair has turned into a sophisticated, educated woman. if your beloved chuck bass has been able to redeem himself and change, how come the other characters on the show cant. stop being hypocrites.


@Anonymous That's what Chair did around Nate in Season 1 and he just slept with Dan's PR woman after he supposedly 'changed', how romantic. @Amandine Chuck tried to force himself on Serena in the pilot and he slept with Nate's girlfriend Blair behind his back and they were friends. Of course Blair has been terribly pathetic with this whole Louis problem. @gemsiibear Many Chair fans got fed up, so they either left altogether (and many are still leaving the show) or jumped ship to Dair.


@lin Blair didn't really hate Dan, she was kind of snobbish and she looked down on him a few time but both of them have moved on from then. @dellio Dan didn't want to hurt her feelings, but Serena should've understood Dan's feelings since he did run away from her with Blair. Serena had her chance, but blew it last season.


@dellio - THANK YOU! YOU SAID EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. Love DAIR! Can't wait for new scenes. I'm still hoping for Chuck/Eva, Serena/Carter and Nate/Jenny or Nate/Ivy. Hope we get more Lily/Rufus too.