Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Two Rhodes (and G) Converge

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The truth finally came out in "Cross Rhodes," but in this new sneak peek from Monday's Gossip Girl, Lola and ChIvy cross paths again, at what we're guessing is a post-funeral gathering in CeCe's honor.

Talking with ChIvy, Lola still has plenty of unanswered questions regarding why her mother hid her from the VDW family for 18 years, but (un)fortunately, Georgina is there to lend a helping hand.

G's probably right about one thing: There's always more to it on the UES. She's also likely correct in that none of their family members will lead them to the truth. Enter helpful "outsider" Georgina.

Something tells us she has her own agenda or axe to grind here. Just a shot in the dark.

Don't miss the Canadian promo we posted earlier this morning and the first sneak preview clip from the episode for more clues as to what we can expect when the show returns on Monday night.

Then check out this latest teaser from "The Princess Dowry" and comment below:

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Is GG going on hiatus after tonight's episode? I read that somewhere


Yeah Serenas world is kinda crashing down right now.

Dr hollis

I feel so badly for Serena! Agree with whoever pointed out how messed up the VDW clan is. If things keep going at this rate, everyone will be related. I thought this was the UES, not the backwoods! *sounding the banjo from Deliverance*


Dan and sarena wre lovelt together in the past now he's her brother!
Just as lovely as chuck n blair wre amazing but thre r not anymore!
I love dair n Sarena n chuck r supposed to stay alone for a while!


I hate Dan


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Oh boy! I really don't care about Charlie or Ivy or Lola. Can we have a real storyline that involves the main characters? Seriously a little more interaction between the original gang might be nice.


Now the show much better then last 2-3 episodes. Georgina u r awesome! i think whatever happens in the last episodes everyting it's mean of something for next..next..next episode "things happen for a reason" i think now m understand 75% whatever writer did to the show. keep it up GG! for tonite, i just want to celebrate for Liverpool FC Victory tonite in Carling Cup 2012! yahooo! sorry guys coz my over react... i so happy!


I agree with both ideas that Lola is the spawn of Carol and William AND that Ivy could be a daughter of Carol's in which she adopted out, but was most likely forced out to do so, like Sean was with Lily when she fell pregnant to Rufus. I wish the writers would invest in that more and bring his character back by the way.

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