Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Two Rhodes (and G) Converge

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The truth finally came out in "Cross Rhodes," but in this new sneak peek from Monday's Gossip Girl, Lola and ChIvy cross paths again, at what we're guessing is a post-funeral gathering in CeCe's honor.

Talking with ChIvy, Lola still has plenty of unanswered questions regarding why her mother hid her from the VDW family for 18 years, but (un)fortunately, Georgina is there to lend a helping hand.

G's probably right about one thing: There's always more to it on the UES. She's also likely correct in that none of their family members will lead them to the truth. Enter helpful "outsider" Georgina.

Something tells us she has her own agenda or axe to grind here. Just a shot in the dark.

Don't miss the Canadian promo we posted earlier this morning and the first sneak preview clip from the episode for more clues as to what we can expect when the show returns on Monday night.

Then check out this latest teaser from "The Princess Dowry" and comment below:

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Its clear that Serena and Lola are half-sisters through William. Carol and William had something between them, it was made clear in the "Valley Girls" episode of Gossip Girl in season 2.


@Dair For Ever"
yeah.. i was thinking cece might swapping babies because she want to keep wary if at time when lily find out carol daughter is VDW daughter too. and lily must be so angry and really want to make sure by testing charlie blood is a DNA of VDW daughter or not... but when Ivy is the real daughter of VDW, she is not got tested blood! so the result is LOla is not VDW daughter then Lily would forgive carol by judging carol! but carol even didn't know lola isn't her real biological daughter! :D that's so drama gossip girl ..
i would love ivy to stay around. yeahh i AGree... i love that raspy voice! i love ivy dickens with the new red hair. she is getting outshine Serena!


if lola somehow end up as serena's half-sister or cosuin just like how some of you theorized i will definitely feel really bad for serena and eric..i mean how messed up can their family be. her mom had multiple marriages, has an adopted brother (chuck), share a sibling(scott) with her step-sibling (dan) whom she actually had a romantic relationship with now potentially this. i'm surprised serena can still remain sane. and if really does happen. the VDW's is now officially became the family with most secrets to keep.


Does anyone remember Vally girls? When Carol spelt with a different Van Der Woodsen? Maybe that VDW is the father of Lola and that heroein druggie Max said was Ivy's dad might be her real dad and her real mum might be Carol. I really think that real Charlie and fake Charlie are sisters , either twins , half or just plan sisters sprated from birth. Plus I love the whole Charlie drama the only reason I love season 5 now that the wedding is over. Plus it's nice to have dramam from Serena's side of the family again but not on her but on her cousin or cousins' so Rhodes drama not Van Der Woodsen drama, not bass drama and not Humphrey drama ... Rhodes drama haha lol I think you get the point. But seriously i think ivy is really a Rhodes in a way and Charlie is a van Der Woodsen might not be Williams but she's a van Der Woodsen more then a rhodes :)


I think a Nate/ChIvy/Lola triangle would be cool. He's too pretty not to have two girls fighting over him. He and ChIvy had some chemistry a while back. And he deserves better than that creepy cougar Diana.


Got to love Georgie!


lola is carols daughter. there is not a doubt to this.. but she will end up that she is the daughter from william too. i agree with this comment from someone here, that carol slept with william during the marriage from lily and william.. lily does not care about william more as romantic thing. but it would hit her, because he slept with her own sister..
and charlie lola is the result from this affair.
i hope lily is punching her sister:-)))


I highly doubt Lola/Chivy is Carol's real daughter (or related to the UES at all pre-Chivy). The way Carol treats her... the way the story was set up (she met Carol and Lola during a play so that was all coincidental). I am sure Cece is going to leave all her money to her though because she died thinking Lola was the real Charlie Rhodes... but then... if it's under the name Charlie Rhodes it would go to Lola? But I also suspect now that Lola might be William's daughter... in which case she'll probably move in with the Van Der Woodsens since Lily is the new Angelina and adopts every teen / young adult that crosses her path (Dan, Jenny, Chuck, ChIvy.... I'm sure there's another one but I can't recall).


wanted to add that in my theory Chivy isn't William's daughter. just Carol's. And we don't know who her father is.
just that she was put up for adoption and that's why she had such a crappy childhood. her adoptive parents never felt a connection with her.


i agree with everyone. Carol and William slept together while he was married to her sister Lily. She got pregnant and out of guilt or shame kept Lola away from the UES. Lola is Serena/Eric's half sister AND cousin. so crazy!! maybe Chivy is also Carol's daughter but she gave her up for adoption? So Chivy is a Rhodes and Lola is a VDW AND Rhodes so they both inherit money. and CeCe, Carol, and William knew the entire time.

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