Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: A Prenup Loophole?

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Might Blair escape her loveless fake marriage with a quickie annulment after all? It looks that way, based on the sneak preview clip from Monday's episode below! Then she and Dan can live happily ever after, right?

Somehow we don't think it will be that simple, but that's the gist of what she's saying as she explains to the Hump that because they signed the prenup in Monaco but wed in the U.S., she may be able to get it annulled.

Seriously. Gossip Girl writing at its best/worst. It'll get Louis out of the picture at least. See below:

In the producers' weekly preview, we're treated to some additional footage from the episode, as well as some broad, additional teases regarding what we can expect to take place throughout "The Princess Dowry."

We now know that:

  • The return of William van der Woodsen and the reason behind it are crucial
  • Some major, "life-changing" secrets and reveals are going to come out
  • The prestige and wealth of the UES plays a particularly prominent role
  • The episode takes place almost in real time - within a couple of hours
  • Chair and Dair fans will both have a lot to discuss afterward

Take a look at the two-minute episode preview and comment below!

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Shame about the loophole she deserves to be stuck in this marriage, she knew it would be loveless marriage and that's what she got. I just don't feel sorry for her she's weak.
Can we please get some Time out from Dair already and focus on a worthy storyline.
I'm happy for Dair to be together, just put them in no more than 2 scenes for the rest of the season and ratings may improve.
We need uncle basshole back


Dair is perfection! Love it


@BFLY Dair has just barely started recently, the story that's being dragged out is the Louis/Roayl crap one which is still ongoing and has no valid reason to pursue their sham of a marriage/relationship. @paula Alright, I must've misunderstood what you meant, that's all.


Yay! The Canadian promo proves the gossip girl blast wasn't as damaging as we thought since she talked to him and still came back to dan! I know they're gonna have the obstacles to face, but we've been teased for nearly two seasons now. Don't let us down writers! Make Dair happen!


This show is really weird they not do the DAIR thing last year and get the shit out of the way, and move on . they gave serenate like 10 episodes , but that was the core premise one the show nate with blair but was hot for serena. but serena wasnt going for that. They have dragged this story for ever, put them together , get back carter or nate , chuck and a hot girl,- safran is all happy with the show.I can even.........


dan and blair very good, beautiful together, and a couple who really love


I also saw the Canadian promo, blair seems happier next to Dan, I think we should continue Dair


OK I've just watched the canadian promo for 5x17 ...and Dair is soooo on!! OMG ! Forgot the dowry thing, the stupid Louis thing, the vid, Georgina...I'm definitely watchin, all I care about is Dair, too beautiful !


I will speak in other words, okay, ''if you are finding bad better not watch'',is thought otherwise?sorry


@paula Childish? You mean like your previous comment: 'This finding is bad, do not watch'. @Moody Considering how much abuse their relationship was shoved aside at the end of the last season for the stupid Louis storyline, no one cut them any slack, especially the shippers shouting 'epic endgame' in other people's faces. I wouldn't lecture anyone on giving people slack considering the whining and complaining on Facebook and Twitter.