Gossip Girl Spring Return Promo: Dair. Sex.

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Gossip Girl is on hiatus until April 2, but at least the CW put an exclamation mark on Monday's episode with a juicy promo to jump-start a firestorm of discussion - good or bad - during the upcoming five-week dry spell.

In the as-yet-untitled episode, there's little doubt that Dan and Blair's relationship, having overcome so many obstacles reaches the next level. A sexy level. Of course, the "wow" factor may not be entirely positive.

Don't worry, you two. The first time rarely meets expectations.

If you missed it, read our Gossip Girl review for a full discussion of how Dair got to this point, and everything else that transpired last night. Then take a look at the teaser for the show's return and share your comments:

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@Lana I didn't even want to dignify @Amanda's comment w/a reply at 1st but word to your post. I hate that people are making huge generalizations about different parts of the GG fandom based solely on what ship and/or characters they like. That post was particularly terrible, mean & offensive. It says way more about the poster than anyone else... I shipped Chair b/c I liked E/L's work together, I found Ed attractive & their story was entertaining until Safran took over & willfully destroyed it. It's that simple for many Chair fans & I'm Dair fans too (except insert "Penn" instead of "Ed", obviously). Chair fans have no morals or values & hate their lives? C'mon! That must be the work of a troll! What is w/trolls & GG sites anyway? Good lord!


@Lana Of course not, not all fans are like that, it's just the crazy ones that make the rest look bad by association. @ALF If they wanted to break them up, the bad sex thing is worse than the contrived video plot. Especially since Blair just recently stomped all over Chuck's love in the last episode. Chair isn't sexist, the problem lies in the writers' portrayal/development (or lack of in this case), they've ruined it with dumb storylines like the hotel plot or Chuck's drunken stupor which was pure character assassination.


I just wanted to comment on the double standards issue. It’s awful when people apply a double standard to anything but I wish some posters wouldn’t paint ALL Chair fans as sexist b/c of what a few loudmouths say. I shipped Chair until this season & don’t think it’s wrong for anyone IRL, let alone on a stupid TV show, to sleep around. Aside from that personal belief, I don’t even view Blair’s behavior as “slutty� anyway. Meanwhile Chuck is a total ho (I wish GG explored his sexual addiction at some point but I digress…).Now I do believe Blair has been fickle in S5 &, as a result, hurt several people. However that’s obviously a separate sentiment & by no means equates to “omg Blair’s a whore now!�. I’ve seen a lot of people say exactly this & it’s often misconstrued entirely b/c apparently some people believe “fickle� & “slutty� are synonyms or something (like more ship war bull crap perhaps?). OK, that all came out pretty jumbled! Hah.


I don't think Dair's bad 1st time will be the end of them. This could strengthen the couple b/c they'll have to be open w/one another about a topic that's difficult for many to discuss. That often brings people closer together. Then again, unlike @Andy, I don't trust these writers! I hope this isn't yet another potential "roadblock". Also, I'm w/@pty & others that are confused WHY the sex is horrible since it's canon that Dan is good in the sack. Is Blair's kink threshold just that high b/c of our little deviant Charles? Or maybe Louis was a real stud in the boudoir? @Junior People are just "grr" at GG b/c of the drop in quality. As @Anonymous said, even daytime soaps have higher standards! The GG characters aren't even portrayed as "grey" anymore. Instead they flip-flop from being "good" to "bad" continuously. For e.g.: one ep. Chuck is a saint, the next he's ~evil! That's inconsistent characterization the show runners parade around under the guise of GG having anti-hero protagonists.


@Amanda how dare you make such a ridiculous and offensive generalisation? You must be pretty thick to believe that every single Chuck and Blair fan supports domestic abuse and loves Chris Brown. And really? All Chair fans have no sense of morals or values? Do you know every one of these people on a personal level or do you just think you know everything? Once again huge statement to make. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and lay it all down to the fact that you're just simply riled up because honestly I refuse to believe anyone could be that stupid.


@pty Gossip Girl has copied The OC before: Gossip Girl used 'Whatcha Say' at Thanksgiving, The OC had Imogen heap's Hide and Seek. Gossip Girl had waffles, The OC had pancakes (I think). Gossip Girl had the Cabbage Patch dolls and the OC had the toy horses.


@ LizLuvsChuck: Wao, you are really tough, I myself haven't felt attracted to Dan/Penn but I know he has his looks, I also have a friend who drools over him. He has his attractive and I freely admit it. Too bad about the hair (sorry, I think I kinda have a hair fetish). @ DAIR=EW: I agree with you about The O.C., I tried to explain the same thing, I think you explained it better.


@BlairWaldorfBass4ever This show turned into the Chuck/Blair whining hour for the last 2 or so seasons when it used to be about the glamorous lives of the Upper East Side.


Well I am very interested why do people have illusion that writers have been building up Dair for five seasons ? In reality they are out of ideas and that is why they started this ridiculous thing about Blair and Dan. Writers have already used all other combinations and now its time for Blair and Dan which is nothing but disgusting and out of Blair's character. Writers really have lost the core idea of the show, the real friendship of the 5 people not just love triangles. I am really interested how a mature (as writers tend to speak of Blair)girl who says that Serena is a family can go and start a relationship with love of your best friend's life. That is not mature and not friendship.


The episodes gets more excitiNg!I'm a fan of Chair and Dair..but for now,Its Dair!as long it involves Blair,I love it(",)

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Don't ever go to high school, Dorota. The girls are spoiled, stupid and ungrateful! One snapshot with a socialite and it's all Serena, Serena, Serena!


Gossip Girl: Sorry, boys. But didn't you know that if you wait to long to seize the day—
Chuck: Gone.
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Gossip Girl: The one you want could get away.