Gossip Girl Spring Return Promo: Dair. Sex.

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Gossip Girl is on hiatus until April 2, but at least the CW put an exclamation mark on Monday's episode with a juicy promo to jump-start a firestorm of discussion - good or bad - during the upcoming five-week dry spell.

In the as-yet-untitled episode, there's little doubt that Dan and Blair's relationship, having overcome so many obstacles reaches the next level. A sexy level. Of course, the "wow" factor may not be entirely positive.

Don't worry, you two. The first time rarely meets expectations.

If you missed it, read our Gossip Girl review for a full discussion of how Dair got to this point, and everything else that transpired last night. Then take a look at the teaser for the show's return and share your comments:

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Dan and Blair are always so cuteee


Dair cant be spoilt with just a superficial first time sex no being good, Dair will overcome


look. I know gossip girl is such a stupid soap op, but come on!
I used to think that Blair is so great that she ain't fooling around like Serena. At the moment she told chuck he didn't have her heart, I know the Blair we have known is gone. The fact she even marry the prince while everybody told her she should and the prince turn out to be a complete Axxhole afterwards, it is so stupid to a level you can never understand. I mean when she found out the prince's actual attention, she never break a tears just like she have no feelings to Prince. Writers, you just destroy the best character in the show and officially announce the show GG is so stupid.
I used to enjoy it so much, but I just can't anymore


cancel this show just air the first 3 seasons all over again. That what put your ratings up


I'm a gossip girl addict. But after what's happening, believe it or not I hope this is their last season if everything's going to be mess like dan and blair just bring jenny back! That would be a lot better


what makes dair fans think the writers are going to stick with them? they always hook up every character in the show together then break them up. this isnt going to last, im not saying that cos i think chair are endgame or anything but the writers never stick with a couple. dair fans enjoy it while it lasts.


lol whaat? like do i stop watching in hopes chair reunite?


I don't know why you are so grrrr about Gossip Girl. I find interesting that the characters aren't black or white but more a shade of grey. There is a bit of Chuck in Dan and vice-versa. How much Google did pay for the publicity (gmail) ? Gossip girl is a soap opera, it never was about reality. Dair has problem in the bedroom. AH AH AH


ridicolus they will not last chair forever ! that's all


@ninque @shae i read the Ausiello spoiler! i think their solution will be having sex in public places where they could get caught. but that's a short-term solution that's not sustainable. eventually they have to go back to the bedroom/private place.

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