Gossip Girl Video Contest: Create the Best Tribute to Chair!

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Gossip Girl can't always give us what we want ... but now you can!

TV Fanatic is asking fans of the show to create the best YouTube tribute video to Chuck and Blair, the star-crossed couple (or relationship, depending on your view) that has built such a following over the years.

Our Dair video contest was a major hit last fall. Now it's Chair fans' turn.

Assuming this one is as popular, it will be followed by a Derena tribute contest with the same rules, and most likely pairs from other shows  too. The contest, however, is all about Chuck and Blair. The rules:

Blair and Chuck in Paris

Chuck and Blair, together forever ... at least in your tribute videos!

  1. Create a tribute YouTube video dedicated to the cute couple pictured above. You must submit your own video, not just a link to one you like. If your favorite is someone else's, tell them to submit it!
  2. Videos must be FIVE minutes or less.
  3. To submit an entry, send a private message to this link.
  4. Registered users only may do this. Login or register.
  5. U.S. residents only are eligible for TVF's iTunes prize (see below). But if you are an international user who wishes to enter for Chair pride alone, feel free! You can still win.
  6. By submitting your video(s) to TV Fanatic in this contest, you retain ownership but grant us permission to post it on TV Fanatic and within our video system.
  7. Extra credit for the use of "Paradise" by Coldplay. Just kidding ... mostly. Any music and any clips you like, new or old, are encouraged - you have full creative control, so make us proud!

Entries must be submitted by Monday, February 27. The following Monday, March 5, our editors will post the top six entries and let YOU VOTE on the best of the best!

The video with the most votes by Monday, March 12 wins.

The prize: Your video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook pages, allowing your work to be seen by millions of Gossip Girl and TV fans.

AND you get a $50 iTunes gift card to boot!

Have at it, Chair fans ... and good luck.

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


when are the video for voting been posted?


just submitted mine


entered mine :)


Submitted mine :D


Can't wait to watch all the videos! :)




- And now what? Are you over her?
- Of course not. There are times I forget her for a second, times when I drown last part of myself in drink.
- Why not go and tell her that now?
- Well, you see... I did it. I made her go away. Now, when I come back she is no longer there. They say she loves another man, I know it isn't true. But...
- Go see her then.
- I can't.
- Why?
- She turned on her head. She realised I was too big of a scumbag and I could never love her. That I can't be there for her, and I will keep expecting her to be there for me. I can't come and hug her when she is at her worst, and I know she would do that for me.
- You are impossible to understand!
- I know, my friend. I hear that often. Only one person told me she could understand me completely.
- Who?
- She, my friend."


"You know, my friend, I loved her. I mean really loved her. Truthfully, crazy and mindlessly. She was my only one. My secret, the biggest one. I've been with a lot of women, but she was always in my heart. She was the one I needed the most, and yet she was the one I was hurting the most. I couldn't accept the fact that I loved her, so I just kept pushing her away. I kept coming back to her and running away from her. In one moment I would show her I cared and in the next one prove I was a scumbag. And the worst thing of all is that every time I'd come back - she was there.


Hello to everyone here (especially in the Chair 'department'). :) Since I am a huge fan of the couple and everything here is about them, I thought I'd share something too. Now, it is not a tribute like most of yours, but I came across these lines and just thought how perfectly they describe Chuck's feelings for B (at least in the begging). So, here it is (divided, since there is a limitation in comment length). :)


Hey just wondering, can we submit more than one?


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