Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

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Now that Dan and Blair are a full-fledged couple (or at least clearly headed down that path, without a prenup, Chuck or Louis looming as immediate obstacles), the question becomes, when the show returns April 2:

Will it last? Or will these two quickly realize they're better as friends?

That's an open question, but their bedroom woes won't do them in.

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TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that the sex problem Dan and Blair encounter on the next episode (as evidenced by the Spring 2012 Gossip Girl promo) will not necessarily be the thing that derails Dair.

"Those resourceful kids will quickly find a solution to their sad sack woes," he reveals in his weekly spoiler column, "Although I can’t really see them sustaining said solution on a long-term basis."

Hmm. Any thoughts on what that solution is? And whether it will be sustainable?

This is just one person's opinion, mind you, but it's likely to be shared by many who just can't envision Dair together for good. On the flip side, many fans see them as the sole reason for the show at this point.

Don't forget there's that on-set kiss that is allegedly from the episode after April 2, so even if they do end the romance, it may not be imminent. Anyway, what do you think? Comment, and vote, below!

Dair: Will it last?

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The book. I've a lot of question about it. First, when did he start it ?
Dan said 5 years "on and off" but in the book Blair is the good one. It is strange because it means it has to be re-written or Dan always had some kind of perspective of Blair. Maybe the book started with Serena but the rest comes from Blair. The first drafts have to be very different from the publish book. There are other problem (we can see this is a tv show). How can Dan knows almost exactly words for words what Blair and Serena said to each other. Us as viewers we know because we follow the character but Dan ? It's like the paper from last year St-Valentin. Who Dan wrote about ?


@zoran I totally understand the reason of your stupidity. Clearly English is not your forte, so you are unable to grasp the nuances of the show. And please don't say that English is not your first language, I can tell. That does not give you the right to murder it. It's not my first language too, but unlike you, I possess some intelligence.


True, but Dan has not yet graduated from college, and you forgot to Vanessa that better suited the role of Lane, and Serena is definitely Lois. In addition, Serena is the Dans the love of his life and gives him the inspiration to write a books.


@zoran Superman loves Lana in high school than later Lois Lane. So Serena is Lana, not Lois. Plus, Lois-Clark relationship was more like Dan-Blair


You're right for the scene in the bathroom in the second season. Dan loves to play the Superman rescuing a girl in trouble, but we all know that Superman had just a one girl, in this case it is Serena.


Dair will be the last, Dair is endgame. @indonesian, i live in Banten (about 2 hour from jakarta, (klau boleh tahu nama IP kamu apa? (seperti kalau saya IP nya Anak_INA).


@zoran You really have a thing for Serena ;) In season 2, there is a scene between Dan and Blair in the bathroom. Blair said "I knew you and Serena had problem, I didn't know they were anatomical" While saying that she's totally checking him out. Plus Blair is very seductive the way she put her stocking back. It's curious how the teacher and Blair look alike in that episode.


I know what tickles Den - Serena, Serena, and forever Serena.


And writers could be re-aired the event in the third season, so instead of an actress is Blair, and instead Vanessa is Serena with Dan and trio can begin. And we all know that turned out.


If Dan and Blair break up. In 10 years, Dan will be Hank Moody. Drinking, sex with every woman, ... He will be damaged good. Do you think Blair knows what tickles Dan.

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