Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

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Now that Dan and Blair are a full-fledged couple (or at least clearly headed down that path, without a prenup, Chuck or Louis looming as immediate obstacles), the question becomes, when the show returns April 2:

Will it last? Or will these two quickly realize they're better as friends?

That's an open question, but their bedroom woes won't do them in.

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TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that the sex problem Dan and Blair encounter on the next episode (as evidenced by the Spring 2012 Gossip Girl promo) will not necessarily be the thing that derails Dair.

"Those resourceful kids will quickly find a solution to their sad sack woes," he reveals in his weekly spoiler column, "Although I can’t really see them sustaining said solution on a long-term basis."

Hmm. Any thoughts on what that solution is? And whether it will be sustainable?

This is just one person's opinion, mind you, but it's likely to be shared by many who just can't envision Dair together for good. On the flip side, many fans see them as the sole reason for the show at this point.

Don't forget there's that on-set kiss that is allegedly from the episode after April 2, so even if they do end the romance, it may not be imminent. Anyway, what do you think? Comment, and vote, below!

Dair: Will it last?

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I like the show. The drama and excitement keeps me distracted from creating my own drama at the fact I lost my legs to a car accident when I was 4. It's like therapy for me. I relate to Chuck Bass. My father (like Chuck's father) died in the car crash and my mother lost my baby brother or sister to it. Car accidents can destroy anyone's life. But at least one of my biological parents are still alive, unlike Chuck.


I hope Dair doesn't continue. I've been watching from the beginning, so I understand everything Chuck does. I don't understand why everybody hates him? We've seen everything he's been through.


Your extremely judgmental and i do not appreciate your tone you hooligan. You think its easy living like this? Being poor and homeless? No! Let me live with hope that Chair will exist forever. You will not go very far in life by putting other people down and one day when you get kicked in the face by an elephant i like to call Karma hope you remember me.


I love Chair. Never going to give up.


Yes, because I am a homeless person with only a laptop and free McDonalds wireless internet in my possession i do tend to get abit fired up about the only happy thing i have left in my life. I feel their love as strongly as the characters themselves. It runs through my veins like the blood that keeps me alive day after day. It is my rock, my strength and my shelter when the world just seems unfair.
This is my life, and i will fight for Chuck and Blair until my last breath.


Shutup, you have an annoying negative opinion on everything and it is cramping my style. Just go away


@anon Ditto


Nah, I'm going to keep watching.


I like the way you think Anon.


Dan and Blair are heading to the firey depths of hell.Their relationship is going to end as quickly and harshly as it started. Their lack of chemistry is appalling and it is obvious Blair is trying to make another relationship just like Chair just because she is trying to fill the void of Chuck. She is confused which leads to the manipulative tendencies of lonely boy to come into action as he forces himself into her already complicated life.
Dan needs to be shot in the face and i will be the one to do it.

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