Grey's Anatomy Clips: Grinding It Out

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Tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy episode, "Have You Seen Me Lately," is going to be a grind.

Not just for the guy whose arm is caught in a grinder, but for Meredith Grey, who has to think on the fly and prove herself to Callie Torres, who's not showing her leniency. Can she thrive under pressure from her superior?

Meanwhile, Amelia arrives in Seattle seeking help from Derek, who's less than receptive. Is it because of his feelings toward her or the case? Clearly it's a grey area (pun not intended) and it will be interesting to watch unfold.

Cristina and Owen are in counseling, and from the clip below, it's clear that they need it. The lines of communication between them have become severely frayed. Will this help them through their issues or are they irreparable.

How do you see things playing out tomorrow for Cristina, Amelia and everyone else? Check out the three new clips (along with the first sneak peek from the episode we posted yesterday) below and see what you think:

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The previous two couples that had marriage/couples therapy(DerAd/ BaileyTucker) both ended up divorcing.Third time lucky therapy wise for Crowen? Crowen seem completely out of sync with each other.
All the promos have given away that Der must give into Amy and he does the surgery. But I can't relate to all these PP characters cos I don't watch PP. Callie is gonna be a hardtask master with Mer, but I hope Mer rocks this surgery.


Derek can be a jerk sometimes... Can't wait for tomorrow!


Crowen's problems have been brewing since the day of their wedding. First of all they got married for the wrong reasons and they weren't even in the right place for it. Cristina didn't want to be alone and her PTSD was just surfacing. And I don't think Owen really gave too much thought of what he would be sacrificing to be with Cristina. And Cristina shouldn't change her mind about having kids. We already had Arizona do a 180 on the subject. I'm not a Crowen fan but I have enjoyed their s/l so far. At least Shonda is treating it with respect, dignity and care, compared to how Calzona was treated last year. I'm intrigued as to how she will rectify their situation because it's a very grey area. Neither party is wrong and I'm excited to see it all play out.


I think it's sad they chose for owen/christina to bring trouble in their relationship, I really like this couple, they have such a great chemistry together.. I dont feel that chemistry with other couples on the show (okay I did with izzi and alex) but oh well, they apparently always have to have one couple in trouble I guess..


I just don't really get what owen wants. He needs to move on, it's not like she can go back in time and unabort. Plus, at the time he supported her. You can't support someone then change your mind after and go, actually, I didn't agree.
Iunno, sometimes tumours just aren't operable. Not everyone is Izzie, or that spinal tumour guy.


Leave him Cristina. Enough said.
Derek needs to stop being such a dick to his sister.
Meredith and Callie working together is always great.
Look forward to the meat grinder.

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