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Grey's Anatomy Clips: Hot Doctors! With Babies!

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In a new clip from tomorrow's Grey's Anatomy, Mark and Derek show off their assets ... at day care!

They are hot doctors with babies, so it makes sense people would stare, but Derek thinks one passerby may have done so for other reasons. In any case, the two friends chat about life, holding their daughters.

All together now: AWW! Take a look the sneak preview below:

ABC has also released three additional clips from the episode, in which Richard mulls a major life change for Adele, and Meredith offers to help him out. She has experience with Adele's condition, as we tragically know.

Meanwhile, Cristina reveals to Mere a surprising (and possibly inaccurate) fear about Owen, while Mark asks his "better half" Jackson how things are going in the romance department. He's just curious.

Watch the sneak peeks from "If Only You Were Lonely" here ...

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I totally missed the point with Bailey and Derrick combing Zola's hair referring to her having "kitchen"???? Can someone explain!


mark speaking spanish is muy sexy :) ayayaya!!!


they should do more scenes with mark and sofia with dereck and zola it was so cute and mark still looked yummy like usual anyway i felt sad for richard anyway is owen screwing around


I love the whole Mer Der & Zola family also But I'm still hoping they will let Mer get pregnant and her & Der have one of their own a baby boy would be perfect then they have a boy & a girl and they get to experience the whole pregnancy & delivery thing to. Come on Shondra you write everyone else having babies even people like Yang who didn't even want one and then aborts it when here her Person Mer is trying to have a baby that was a real crappy how you wrote that.


I adore Mark and I agree that his hair color has been a series of color switches. He's been slightly grey, light brown, really grey and now this one. Owen's hair has changed too. He's a blonde now instead of a redhead. Webber called him "Ginger" a season or two back.


Sadly,I think there may be a more serious side to Der worrying about what people are thinking about him being Zola's dad :((


mark is getting tired of julia cuz he's like 'oh julia...yeah she's good..." lol


Mark hair is a bit funny, did n it use to be more gray? now it just looks very dyed.




I love MerDer and Zola as a mcfamily, their so perfect together! but I think that Mark and Sophia should come for visits with them and have a play date type thing lol :)
I Luv Grey's xo